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The Rise and Fall is a Tie-In starring Green Arrow and Arsenal and guest-starring the Justice League. Following the desastrous events of Justice League: Cry for Justice, Lian Harper is dead, her father, Arsenal, has lost his arm and is in a comatose state. One person to blame: Prometheus. This story is all about the rise of Arsenal and the fall of the Emerald Archer, Green Arrow, who wants Prometheus to pay for his crimes, which is the destruction of Star City. He goes from hero to hunter, and shoots Prometheus with an arrow in the head. He then seeks to find the Electrocutioner because he was involved in the destruction of Star City and the death of Lian. Olliver suffers greatly from this loss, and seeks revenge. Although that feeling is legitime, he has lost his sense of Justice, and when Justice League members Hal Jordan and Wally West find out about the murder, they are shocked and distraught that one of their team mates wan't all about justice anymore. The Flash is more aggressive towards Olliver Queen then any other member of the JLA, since all other members can try to understand his grief whilst the Flash is lost in his anger against a hero murderring a villain. 

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