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Harry Nod was born in Grim Cape, Tasmania. He started down a life of crime while still in nursery school, where he would steal candy from his fellow schoolmates. As he grew he would spend most of his time going in and out of correctional facilities. It is believed that he served time in the Australian military. It was here that he found an affinity for motorcycles. After serving time in the military, Henry Nod returned to a life of crime, and became a safe cracker.

He started joining biker gangs, and was given the nickname “Ripper.” After being kicked out of numerous gangs, Ripper finally joined the Dreadnoks. His weapons of choice include edged weapons, and cutting tools, with his favorite weapon being a bayonet-like blade that he uses like a fireman’s axe/can opener. Just like the rest of the Dreadnoks, Ripper, loves violence and tearing things apart. He is very simple-minded and superstitious, which is why he fears Zartan, and his ability to change into anyone at any given moment.

Ripper along with fellow Dreadnoks, Buzzer and Torch, were the three Dreadnoks who traveled with Zartan to America to help aid Cobra. Ripper serves as the Dreadnoks destructive henchman. It didn’t take long for the Dreadnoks to encounter the Joes. After years of butting-heads with the Joes, and years of working for Cobra, the Dreadnoks decided to reorganize. The Dreadnoks became a national biker gang, with Zartan as their leader. In 2001, the Dreadnoks once again went to work for Cobra, and not long after renewed their feud with the Joes. After a fight between the Dreadnoks, Joes, and a new advanced B.A.T., in Washington, many of the original Dreadnoks were arrested. Ripper was among the arrested Dreadnoks, and was sent to Blackwater Prison.

Thanks to the aid of Tomax & Xamot the Dreadnoks were eventually freed and immediately sent to aid in the battle against the forces of a revived Serpentor on Cobra Island. Their leader, Zartan, took the place of Cobra Commander, and was arrested, whilst the real Cobra Commander escaped. Ripper along with other members of the Dreadnoks freed Zartan from the military base he was being held at, and went into hiding. A little over a year later the Dreadnoks fought Duke and General Rey at their Everglades compound, when the two came looking for Zandar, on information on Rey’s past.

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