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Many eons ago, the four-armed juggernaut known as Rip Roar was dispatched along with his hated rival Kalibak the Cruel, to plunder tribute for their master Darkseid. Rip Roar stole a Super-Cycle from New Genesis, home of the New Gods who opposed Darkseid. Rip Roar bonded with this sentient vehicle and rode roughshod over several worlds in Daekseid's name. Knowing that his father would greatly approve of Rip Roar's acts of wanton destruction, Kalibak convinced Darkseid's underling Desaad to sabotage Rip Roar's teleporting Boom Tube. Through this intervention, Rip Roar ended up encased inside a mountain on Earth until he was accidentally released by the team known as Young Justice. Following a battle between the young heroes and Rip Roar, the beast from Apokoloips ended up covered in molten lava. The Department of Extranormal Operations then recovered the warrior and he remains in custody for now.

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