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While he was hijackin' printed circuits from a government complex in New Jersey with Vinnie Fulton's Mob, he was surprised by Colt and
Rip-Jaw Woke-Up
some policemen. In attempting to escape he was blasted in the face and fell on a river.  When he woke up he was bedridden in a room filled with some mechanical creations; an old man had picked up in the river to bring him home. Seeing his face disfigured and wanting to help, he made two hard titanium jaws: a normal size one and a biggest one, more intimidating.  Rip-Jaw chose the largest.  

He did not choose to have a metal jaw but he did not have much choice. Since then he wants to avenge the police who have surprised, but especially Colt. 

Remaking the past?

In FemForce #2, after hearing about a time machine (a work of Dr. Carlos Jimenez), he decided to steal it. Even if his thirst for vengeance is always present, he sees an opportunity here to repeat the past. He does not want the bullet and thus retain its original jaw.  
The plane carrying the machine toward the United States crashed in the Amazon jungle. With his two henchman, Wallow and Satch, they went there to try to get their hands on.  Things have not turned in their favor, however, they were arrested by the FemForce team. Trapped in the City of the Amazons, Rip-Jaw snaps the iron bars of his cell with his metal teeth and he escaped.   Since then he swear he'll find the FemForce and he'll have his vengeance.

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