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Rin at her entrance ceremony.

Rin is a young medical ninja who was part of Team Minato along with Kakashi and Obito, Rin always played the role of peace keeper between the two boys and tried to hide her feelings for Kakash i as best she could. On the day that Kakashi was made into a Jonin, Rin brought a present of a field medical kit that she had made personally for himi. Knowing that kakashi would perfer something that he could use over anything else. The only person in the team not to bring a present was Obito. Obito loved Rin and had an idea of her feelings for Kakashi. Obito and Kakashi shared a small hatred for each other that often caused tension within the group. Kakashi was considered a Genius of Konoha where Obito was always playing catch up.

Team Minato

It was on the day of the present giving that Minato told the group of their mission, and that he would not be leading but Kakashi would, Of course Obito disliked the idea. They where to destroy a bridge that was being used by enemy forces to enter Konoha and therefore help in the third great shinobi war effort. But disaster struck when Rin was taken by two Iwgakure Jonin. Obito wanted to rescue his team mate, But Kakashi said that the mission came first. Kakashi found himself in the same situation as his father(Sakumo) had been in the past and did not want to make the mistakes that his father had. Obito disagreed and left Kakashi not before telling him that what his father did in the past made him a hero not a disgrace. Obito was confronted by Taiseki one of the Iwgakure ninja’s and was soon over powered, just then a flash of silver filled the air and using his fathers sword Kakashi entered the battle just in time to save Obito. As the battle raged on Taiseki managed to strike at Kakashi left eye, Kakashi had used his own body to block an attack meant for Obito. Obito terror took over as he watched the blood escape his friend’s eye and in him awakened the Sharingan, using it he killed Taiseki and helping Kakashi they headed for Rin.

Obito And Kakashi

It was here that Kakashi life would change forever, Obito and Kakashi fought against the last ninja and saved Rin, As the battle progressed Obito and Kakashi worked as an unbeatable team and freed Rin, Rin had managed to not tell her enemies of their plans even under toture by the enemy ninja's but this had also taken a toll on her body leaving her unable to fight for herself, they two boys helped carry Rin, But the victory was short lived as the final Ninja caused a cave in, Obito


dived in time to save Kakashi from a falling rock which landed on him instead. As Obito lay dying he gave Kakashi a final gift for becoming a Jonin his left eye (Sharigan) Rin began to cry as Obito asked her to use her medical ablittes to take the left eye and place it into Kakashi damaged eye. Rin worked fast telling Kakashi that they did not have long and they would need to take the eye before Obito died, showing that even under great pressure she was still a great ninja, using her medical tech implanted the eye into Kakashi and using the Chordi broke free of the cave in and killed the Ninja who had caused Obito's death. Just then enemy reinfrocements arrived and Kakashi fought to protect Rin asking her to run, but rin refused and went to tell Kakashi of her feelings when he interupted her, Telling her that he would not let her die as Obito loved her, bitting her bottom lip she looked away as the enemy ninja's started to attack,

Just as the the battle looked as if it was over Minato showed up and saved the Rin and Kakashi, The three then went on to finish the mission and that is the last we have seen of Rin in the Naruto world, some say that she is dead and others say she is a memeber of the Anbu blacks ops, but the turth is it still remains a mystery to all Naruto fans!

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