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Riley use to have dreams about Glory. Dreams about her being a superhero. Then they stopped. She didn`t know why. She wanted to find out why.

Riley found Gloria west, who lived in France on the island of St Michel, one day. Gloria knew what had happened to Glory. Which was, that she had been brutally attacked. She was weak.

Later during the same night, Riley was told by Glory, that they had expected her. That she would be needed. Because something terrible would happen soon.

She dreamed about the future. In the future, Glory had crippled humanity. She found out why she is needed. She would have to stop Glory.

Not long after, St Michel was attacked by the forces of Lord Silverfall, Glorys father and most sworn enemy. It was a rescue party for Riley. Silverfall wanted to get her to safety (or "safety"), because only she can stop Glory.

But they didn`t succeed. The battle was won (during it, Riley killed an enemy for the first time). She, Glory and their friends escaped from there, because Lord Silverfalls army wouldn`t give up easily.

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