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Rigor Mortis is a paraclete of the demon D'Kay and commander of the Conqueror Worm. She comes into conflict with Ghost Rider when some women raid her mausoleum to dig up some statues and monuments. Her touch transforms these women into stone and Ghost Rider confronts Rigor Mortis for attacking the innocent.

Rigor Mortis is riding a flying Conqueror Worm and engages Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider wraps his chain around her hand and forces her to touch the Conqueror Worm which turns into stones. She escapes and flees into her mausoleum. Ghost Rider follows and learns that Rigor Mortis is protecting these round "monuments" which are actually eggs of the Conqueror Worms. She claims to be the nurturer and mother of these eggs. She calls these worms her "babies and her plan is to reborn these worms to conquer and devour the Earth as they did thousands of years ago.

Ghost Rider destroys some of these eggs and clashes with Rigor Mortis again. Ghost Rider uses his chain to destroy the roof of the mausoleum and the rain begins to poor inside. The two are fighting in a giant mud pit when Ghost Rider leaps out of the mud to avoid her touch. Her touch turns the mud around her into stone where she remains trapped. The remaining eggs begin to hatch but Ghost Rider knows the worms will die without Rigor Mortis' ability to nurture them.  

Powers and Abilities:
Rigor Mortis has some magical abilities. Her touch can transform anything into stone. She is also the commander of the Conqueror Worms. These demonic worms have the ability to fly and have a degree of superhuman strength.

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