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Rigby is a 23-year-old raccoon who works at the park with his best friend, Mordecai, who is a blue jay. They are both slackers. In their escapades to avoid work, they always find themselves battling some supernatural creature. They are able to find solutions to hard situations but they can't solve simple ones. Rigby is not very strong or smart. When asked to find the difference between a square and a rectangle he said it was too hard, and he does not know how to spell his own name. Mordecai and Rigby play a game called "Punchies" to decide things like rock, paper, scissors. You punch each other and whoever gets hurt first loses. Rigby always loses. When he played with his super-strong friend Skips, he was hospitalized. When played arm wrestling with him he died, but came back to life. Instead of playing Punchies, Mordecai and Rigby sometimes play rock, paper, scissors. Rigby usually wins when they play that.

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