Why are people idiots?

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Ok so over the last few years I've been following any news on Batman 3 that I can get and I know that most of it is still just rumor...but that being said, I have noticed a trend. Just about anyone who says Riddler would make a bad villain for the next movie seems to know nothing about the character. I was just reading this article the other day 
http://www.comicbookmovie.com/batman/batman_3/news/?a=22232 the highlight from which was
"Now correct me if I am completely wrong here: I don’t think the Riddler has ever killed someone in the comics. Like I said I could be wrong-- I'm almost positive he hasn’t. My understanding of the character is that he steals things, makes complex riddles to outsmart Batman, and gets caught every single time." 
Like seriously how can someone say that a character wouldn't be a good villain if they have never even read a comic, or in this guys case a few comics, with the character in it? I guess everyone is entitled to their two cents but sometimes I wonder if everyone needs to talk...I am on the side that Riddler would be an awesome villain for the next movie, and as always I will cite Hush and Legends of the Dark Knight 185-189.

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I think Riddler would be a great character too, but I think people want action. I don't think they want to sit there in the movie theaters and watch a villain make riddles to defeat people. Most people who may even watch the Batman movies might not have a comic background. I also believe that the Riddler isn't as exposed to the media like Joker, or Superman...ect Again Riddler would be a great villain for comic readers, but at the end of the day movies are to make money and nothing more and the people want to see action, and explosion...something that Joker or Venom or Green Goblin can bring to the big screen. 
Also I read the article and agree that the guy who wrote it is an idiot. Maybe they could have a group of Batman villains group up and try to take out Batman like the one Batman movie from the 90's that had Penguin, and Catwoman team up?
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If you give him the same treatment the other villains got, he'd be awesome. No green spandex.

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I love Edward Nigma, but I don't think he could stand alone as a main villain. Maybe more of a nuisance on the side, leaving riddles throughout with some big reveal at the end.

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I've read several comics where Riddler has killed someone. It's not usual but he kills from time to time, or indirectly kills someone (in "Riddler & the Riddle Factory" he would be indirectly responsible for suicide-murders because of gossip he exposed through a pirate TV show). He's the kind of character you need to thoroughly research to understand. His crimes are usually bizarre, he likes to outsmart the law, he likes to steal valuable things (jewelry, priceless art) or large amounts of money, he likes attention (bad attention especially), he likes to be a computer vandal/cyber-terrorist, he likes criminal challenges. I think he prefers & chooses not to be a mass murderer because he sees that as typical mayhem (or doesn't want to be compared to The Joker, or any of the overly violent rogues). He likes to be a unique villain who treats crime like art, & lives life like a game where he sees himself as the smartest. He does kill though, it's in his history. He also uses explosives, guns, & other weapons from time to time (I can cite comics where he is shot people dead). He'll even throw a punch if he's provoked enough (not that he is notably strong at all but a punch is a punch). But it is right to say it isn't typical behavior from The Riddler. He is more of a criminal mastermind & an excellent sleuth with an obsessive-compulsive need for attention & giving clues to his crimes (because his logic is the crime can't exist without a clue that it happened).

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