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Hi, I was looking but never find a thread about comics suggestions. So I create this one.
Well, one of my favorites Batman's villains is The Riddler, but I think he's sometimes very underestimated. For this reason I came to the forums to ask for any suggestions of good comics where this character is involved. The only one I've read is Hush, but he only appears in a couple of frames. It will be great if he's the main villain.

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Uhm... I guess there aren't a lot of Riddler fans in here

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I recommend that you read Legends of the Dark Knight 185-189 
Written by Shane McCarthy, that's my favorite story of the Riddler
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Batman: Run, Riddler, Run  
The Batman Chronicles #3 
Batman: Riddler & The Riddle Factory 
The Question #26 
Joker's Asylum II: The Riddler 
Legends of the Dark Knight #109-111, as well as the arc mentioned by the above poster 
Catwoman: When in Rome 
Detective Comics #705-707 
Batman #698-699, #452-454, #822, 828
JUSTICE #2-4  
Green Arrow #35-36, #49-50 
Hope you like my recommendations.

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Thanks for the suggestions I will try to get most of them.

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@punkelias:  Hush is also a must as the ending shows us how devious the Riddler is despite the complete lack of respect he gets most of the time.
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@Crom-Cruach:  Thanks, but I already read Hush. In fact, that was what prompted me to ask for suggestions.
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If you have been unable to find the legends of the dark knight arc mentioned above

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 Joker's Asylum II: The Riddler

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I second the question 26, its a fun riddler read.

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I was just looking for this.  I happened to randomly came across the Riddle me That arc and I loved it, so I was looking for more Riddler.

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Tony Daniel's Batman run, #698-699.

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