Should he be in the next Batman movie?

#1 Posted by whirlwind6 (309 posts) - - Show Bio

He has pontinteal.  Not to mention kinda a noir theme.

#2 Posted by Techno Punk (5 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, i heard Johnny Depp was a potential candidate to play him.

#3 Posted by Ikari (103 posts) - - Show Bio

Mr. Depp said he heard about the rumors but didn't comment on them.

#4 Posted by Sheep-Kill (739 posts) - - Show Bio

What ever.  I don't care who they use just keep Sclmacher out of the damn studio.

#5 Posted by bobj1 (3 posts) - - Show Bio

Johnny Depp could be a good Riddler...

#6 Posted by NightFang (10850 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes and make it Johnny Depp!

#7 Posted by johnny_spam (2182 posts) - - Show Bio

No if any villian it should be Black Mask, Hugo Strange, Hush or Talia. Someone not seen in a Batfilm.

#8 Posted by Johnny Knights (133 posts) - - Show Bio

the only one who could play a dark riddler creepy dude would be johnny depp. the way he looks in the new alice in wonderland looks perfect in my opinion just give him a few ? and were in buisiness. jim carey was good, but he's too funny for this batman.

#9 Posted by Incredible Hulk-Prime (1525 posts) - - Show Bio
@johnny spam:
#10 Posted by johnny_spam (2182 posts) - - Show Bio
@Johnny Knights:
A misconception that Riddler is a true villian Riddler is not as creepy as other Bat villians or insane I like that he chose to stop being a villian  it works better for him then Bane.

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