Is the Riddler a good villain?

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Yes! Riddly (I call him Riddly, sorry) is one of my favourite Bat villains. He's... er...nice. He's not like Two Face or Bane, his madness is more likeable.

What about you?

PS: I'm posting this because I found a bunch of people that think Riddler is a crazed nerd.

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I found that in order to write the Riddler, the writer has be be incredibly smart and creative.

One comic I didn't think the Riddler's character was done enough justice has to be "The Long Halloween." No matter how much I found the comic was truly exceptional, I thought that the writers could have written the Riddler's character a little bit better.

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"Here's a guy who's just as tough as a regular guy, but he's easier to catch."

Actually, I ran a high-powered superhero rpg called "Aberrant" and the main villain for about 6 sessions was the Riddler and in the end he got away.

So yes, if written properly... he's a Lex Luthor level villain.

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I admired his design in the 2004 Batman cartoon, and have always imagined that the perfect Riddler would be a Jigsaw (from the SAW series) sort of clever. If they turned Riddler into a sort of "anti-hero" of that quality, he'd definitely be a villain of "Lex Luthor level," as Satyrquaze said :)

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Well, he's a good/bad villian in this way: When he's a bad guy, he's still good inside. Now that could be hard to understand what I meant, it's just the way I'm thinking.
I find him pretty cute and charming, especially in "Batman the Animated Series" and in the recent "Detective Comics" where he's a PI. I've got more fond of him in the other versions too (except in "Joker" - that's so not him in my opinion), so Riddler in every version is still my favorite because he's still - yes, the Riddler.

I also feel pity for him. That poor guy has gone through a lot, but that's partly his own fault of taking a part of the challenges. Still, I guess he loves challenges even though he's risking his life or his dignity (or of being sent to the Asylum) for that.

So in short: Gotta love that genious guy. xD

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of course he is

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The Riddler became one of my favorites after the Hush storyline.

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Riddler is a good villian... I just loved how Danny Devito played him in Batman Returns...

lol jk jk jk
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It was actually Jim Carrey. And he sucked. It was like some hyperactive Joker mixed with... umm... Jim Carrey really. Riddler is far, far from that. Plus his riddles just sucked. Ugh...

Rumors are Johnny Depp might play him in the next Batman movie. I think it would be a good choice if they do him proper justice.

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Yep one of the best

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Don't like him that much, but whatever....

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TheCleverGuy said:

"I like him Countdown




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Riddler is my favorite bat villain and if they do put him in the bat movie, then they'd better do him justice!!!!
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I'm hoping that like the Riddler, more & more villains will become good, allowing for many current heroes to become evil. Jason Todd has villain potential. Who else?

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i used to hate the riddler just bc the first two times i really remember seeing him was in the old live action batman shows and the batman movie with jim carrey. i saw him in the cartoon in the 90's but i dont remember him that well in it. Sincei have read more about him i have liked him alot more

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Never much cared for him.

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The Riddler can be a good villain but unfortunately more often than not, he is placed in a box that inherently stunts his growth as an antagonist for Batman. It's very rare that the Riddler is ever taken seriously as a threat and that also proves to be problematic towards his role as a villain. When I think of Batman rogues that are considered as major threats, I immediately envision rogues consisting of the Joker, Ra's Al Ghul, Two-Face or even Black Mask for that matter. The Riddler on the other hand is quite the contrary and considering how much of an intellecutal he is, that's rather discouraging. Does it have to always be that way? No.

The key towards making the Riddler more fundamentally formidable is to give him growth. The days of just simply leaving riddles and puzzles in an effort to prove who's smarter between the Riddler and Batman should no longer be in tact. Give the Riddler more to work with, emphasize on how dangerous he is by showcasing his skills beyond the means of juvenile games.

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He's my favorite Bat villein and I like him as  a PI to.

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In my opinion he sucks. What good villain leaves hints as to what his plan is? That was what always annoyed me about Riddler.

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He's probably my favorite Batman villain. He's definitely got a lot of potential, most writers just don't use it.

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Sounds like the Riddler is smarter than the writers writing him, and that's why he's had such a lack of growth. 
I definitely see him as a foe of Batman's but he isn't frightening like some of the other villains. He's definitely creepy. 
I would have to say that the Joker is the best Batman villain but the Riddler is my favorite all the way. 
Not the Jim Carrey version of course. 
I don't know who'll they'll cast but I would hate to see Johnny Depp in that role. Love him, but no. 
I like the idea of Joseph Gordon Levitt though he seems a bit young in my opinion for the Riddler when he meets Batman. 
I would actually ADORE seeing David Tennant play him. You know he could do it, whether you like him (Tennant) or not.

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