How to put the Riddler in film

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I've been trying to think of how to put the Riddler in a movie. I would want to probably go more of a realistic Nolan approach, but it doesn't have to be necessarily. What would you guys do?

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Well if I were the one to think it up it'll be something along the lines of Riddler as Edward Nigma is a private investigator an interested party (could be the GCPD or a villain) wants to figure out who Batman is. Now the story will go with that Riddler fails to find out through conventional means (of course being the smart guy that he is he has narrowed out the choices to a few people) tries more extreme means by putting people in a death trap with riddles (if it's the GCPD who want to know who Bats is we could assume that his first failure made them fire him or he did this behind their back) that are somewhat related to all the possible suspects. The reason he'll use riddles will be less on the fact that he wants to have riddles but more on the fact that he's disguising the situation hoping that should a riddle with relation to who he believes the Dark Knight might be that he'll spot a microexpression or a moment of hesitation.

I'm not really creative so this is the best scenario I can think of off the bat (lol pun).

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I would want a darker Riddler character that sends Batman on a physiological thriller with having riddles to solve in order to save the Gotham City.

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I like the idea of the detective trying to figure out who Batman really is. I would also explore his personality: for example, his continuous failures in his investigations could make him obsessed with the vigilante's persona, also as a result of his narcissistic, arrogant personality.

However, in a Nolan film, I would give him a secondary villain role, that guy who is not the primary villain, but always makes things harder (Scarecrow in BB, and Two Face in DK). I think a film with Hush as the main antagonist and the Riddler (sorta) backing him up would have been a great idea. So unfortunate Nolan has decided that Dark Knight Rises will be his last Batman movie. ):

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@cjbostick81 said:

I would want a darker Riddler character that sends Batman on a physiological thriller with having riddles to solve in order to save the Gotham City.

It always figured if they did something with Riddler akin to Jigsaw from Saw, it could be very interesting.

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@TheGreyOutcastX said:

@cjbostick81 said:

I would want a darker Riddler character that sends Batman on a physiological thriller with having riddles to solve in order to save the Gotham City.

It always figured if they did something with Riddler akin to Jigsaw from Saw, it could be very interesting.

Already did in Arkham City. And it was GREAT.

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@Enigm95: Arkham City's Riddler was good and all, but he's not as dark/ominous as Jigsaw, and not my idea for a Movie Riddler. A movie Riddler needs to be a tad less narcissist, and a tad more sociopath who challenges Batman on more than just intellectual battles but also challenges Batman's will, morality, and get into Batman's head.

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@TheGreyOutcastX: I don't agree. Partially. While I AM absolutely for a darker, more sociopathic Riddler, I think that his mental conditions should come exactly from the fact that he is an arrogant, egomaniac man who puts his own goals and obsessions over the innocent lives of Gotham Citizens. I believe making him challenge Batman's will and morality would make him more similar to the Joker, and many other villains, thus making him sorta out of character.

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@Enigm95: I'm not suggesting he goes Joker like, but he needs to make his challenges push Batman to his limits of both body, mind, and soul. His riddles have to be complex enough that it drives out that ego Riddler has. Force Batman into a corner than makes takes him to the edge mentally so Riddler can go on his "I'm better than you, Batman." rant as opposed to letting his overwhelming arrogance cause Riddler to glance over the single detail that give Batman to the win before Riddler knows it.

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I think it would be good to have the Riddler as a cyber terrorist and also have him played by Depp and based off of this version:  

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i would like a psychotic Kevin Spacey as the riddler

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I think Michael Fassbender or Hugo Weaving would be a great Riddler.

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I think the Riddlers best portrayals have been in Arkham City (the video game), Batman the Animated Series and in Batman: Hush. I really liked how in Arkham City they kept his personality very similar to the early Batman tv shows, which is what made him popular in the first place, but it also made him sadistic and frightening. p.s. I hate Jigsaw and the Saw movies. Jigsaw has no personality beyond creepy. Riddler is known for having some personality and flare. Fast talking Eddie Nash!

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I think Michael Fassbender or Hugo Weaving would be a great Riddler.

No, he should not be played by either of those actors... Why do you comic dweebs always pick over used actors who have already stared in Marvel films as villains? You are often an uncreative lot. The only one of you who somewhat named something cool was Beretta saying he wanted Spacey but I imagine that despite Spacey being a great actor, you only chose him because you either watched Se7en or Usual Suspects.

I honestly feel like ever since the early early rumors of Riddler being the main villain in Nolan's third Batman film people have always failed at properly devising a theoretical way of how the Riddler should be portrayed, instead I just read the same stupid ideas over and over again about how he should be either some private investigator or complete Joker rip off with the actor being whoever is most popular at the time and it is rather frustrating to say the least. First of all, the Riddler is not the Joker, this is a very important and over looked detail that people need to accept because all I ever read about is how he needs to be some twitchy green suite wearing psycho that puts Batman in mind twisting, riddle inducing death traps while he figures out batman's identity. I mea, for fuck's sake, it's almost like just slapping the Riddler in the face by his own fan base by such awful recommendations. Yes, Heath's Joker was phenomenal and it's a terrible shame that he had to pass away (all Joker recasting rumors/request were just plain idiotic) but people are just placing the Riddler further into the Joker's shadow by wanting this. Though I do admit, I did somewhat like the jigsaw-esque Riddler that was presented in Arkham City, I also know that such plotlines do not define him properly as he would just be seen as a watered down Joker.

A better idea of what his mentality is like is exemplified in his appearances in the stories Run Riddler Run, Hush and the Loeb + Sale series (TLH, DV & When in Rome) where he is presented as weak and unthreatening yet is still a master of manipulation and deceit while maintaining the mannerisms of a gentleman bandit. I know many of you will argue that he needs to be evil, cool, and everything else the Joker was in TDK but you will somehow try to say it would be different if blah blah blah. The Riddler is not someone who tries to kill batman with muscle or death threats, he is a puppet master, he would most likely set in motion a series of events and red herrings in order to watch or even at some points tag along the ride just to see how well the Dark Knight does and saves his final move for the most opportune moment.

As for casting, I believe that the actors that were rumored were all poorly chosen, most fan boys just choose actors based on fame/popularity which is the complete opposite of what Nolan does which is casting by talent... I mean come on, let us reminisce for a moment all the casting rumors that were surfacing, Johnny Depp? Eddie Murphy?? THEY EVEN THOUGHT SHIA LEBOUGH WAS GOING TO BE ROBIN FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! OR EVEN WORSE THEY THOUGHT JGL WAS GOING TO BE RECAST AS THE JOKER UGHHHHH THESE IDEAS ALONE DISPROVE ANY FORM OF DARWINISM'S SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!

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Wherewolves while I agree with and liked your ideas on how Riddler should be portrayed and personaly I wouldn't mind a fairly unknown actor playing Riddler (I noticed you didn't offer any ideas on this), I hated your post because you come off as a douche. Show people a little respect.

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I think they kind of used elements of the Riddler with the Joker in the Dark Knight. He absolutely CANT be anything like the Joker, he has to be completely SANE. If he does random terrorist acts he would be like a Joker clone. That's just things you can't do

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