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Ricky & Batgirl's first meeting.

Ricky was a young street thug who went by the name "Killa Anon." After running afoul of Knightfall and her Disgraced, he was able to be saved by Batgirl who he developed a bit of an infatuation with.

He has since begun turning his life around, and is later seen helping out at a soup kitchen.


Ricky was created by Gail Simone and Alitha Martinez. He first appeared in 2012's Batgirl #10.

Major Story Arcs

Knightfall Descends

Caught in the bear-trap.

Ricky and Batgirl first met when he and some fellow thugs were performing multiple carjackings in a parking structure where a high-class charity auction was taking place nearby. Batgirl was giving them all a thorough beating until Ricky tried to make a getaway, only to run afoul of a bear-trap of all things. His leg badly caught in the trap, Batgirl tried her best to keep him calm and talking while she called the paramedics. Some people who claimed to be part of the security detail for the event then came and convinced Batgirl to leave Ricky in their care.

These people were actually part of Knightfall's Disgraced however, and Ricky was later seen by Batgirl being precariously held over a ledge by Bonebreaker, after they'd amputated his injured leg. Bonebreaker then let Ricky fall to his death as a test for Batgirl, which she failed in their opinion by saving Ricky from his fall. While Batgirl fought the Disgraced, Ricky seemed to get away to safety, but the Disgraced unfortunately managed to track him down again.

Ricky helps Batgirl against Knightfall.

When Batgirl came to confront Knightfall at her headquarters, the Disgraced taunted her by telling her they'd already killed Ricky after an extensive bit of torture. Batgirl later found him alive in a cage however, albeit in much worse condition than before. Ricky was immensely grateful to Batgirl for having come for him. Knightfall then stepped in suddenly though and stabbed Batgirl in the back before Ricky could warn her.

Despite the wound, Batgirl fought valiantly against Knightfall, and Ricky was even able to help her when he reached out of the cage and held Knightfall still for Batgirl to hit her. Batgirl thanked Ricky and called him a hero for his help. With Knightfall finally beaten, Ricky and Batgirl supported each other as they left to get patched up.

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