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Rick Training

When Evil Ernie first appeared, Rick has holding up with his younger brother Billy and sister Jude in their house, defending against the psycho plague. They were saved by Leonard Price and his sister Mary Young.

Later when Evil Ernie resurfaced in a court house, Rick attacked him. He was killed and resurrected by Ernie, serving as a regular ghoul in Ernie’s army.


Four days after the fall of Washington, Rick wakes up in an abandoned house, his face eaten off by rats. He struggles against the voices in his head telling him to kill and eat everything. He is then captured by a squadron of soldiers. He dreams of his family's troubled past while the soldiers transport him to a research facility. The commanding officer General Powell tries to control him via a chip created by Dr. Price, but he escapes. Then he visits his family house and struggles with the Dead Mind. He again is attack by soldiers so he runs. He ends up on a voodoo zombie gang called "Black Jujus" territory, and a fight follows. He escapes with Israeli covert forces. He soon kills them and they rise again under his command. Enlisting them as his special force, he attacks Powell’s hideout at the Pentagon. While chasing Powell himself, Rick falls into a sacrificial pit. Powell tries to summon six demon lords, but Rick interrupts the ritual and takes his place as The Dead King. He then takes his special force and goes on a search for Evil Ernie. Now being conscious, not controlled by Evil Ernie anymore, this puts him in position to be Ernie's right hand man.

Dead King

The King

Seeing how Evil cares noting of Dead he takes his own path. He first seeks out his old love, Rose, he tries to talk her into joining him in afterlife, but she shoots herself in the head.

Later on he meets with Crazy Babies who are not living nor dead. They start to call him “Dead King”, with them he starts to spread death. He wants to give the gift of afterlife to his brother and sisters. Seeing his brother die he realizes that this is not what he wants, he places his hand onto him and walks away. Unknowingly he revived his brother.

When his sister is captured by the dead ones, he goes to her rescue. When Evil tries to blow all life from Earth he teams up with Dr. Price. He wants peace with the living, and taking out Evil Ernie he could get that. On the last battle against Evil, when the nukes take flight, Crazy Babies give him their power. He then teleports himself along with Mary and Billy Young to safety.

He is seen again when Armageddon comes to Earth. Oblivia has sought him up because she needs Smiley to defeat Armageddon. He along with Mary and Billy is swallowed up by uncreation wave.


When worlds are recreated he is found on a dead planet, where living are a minority. He fights on their side along with his brother Billy, and he has fallen in love with a living girl, Lisa. Mary Young has died of radiation poisoning and is now seen as a savior. Rick has managed to form a group of living and dead, who live in harmony. Rick also has distant himself from fighting, but when a group of dead ones attack their camp and kidnap living ones with a intent to sell them, he goes to save them along with Billy and Lisa. They attack the human meat processing plant and take it out of business.

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