Remender's Next Big Project?

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I don't know how many of you still read the letters section, but in the most recent issue of Venom, someone wrote;

''Please don't leave! Not to say that Cullen Bunn is not a fine writer, but I want more Remender Venom. I feel that you have a grasp on the character that will be hard to measure up to. Why are you leaving? Please at least tell me you have something else coming soon from you from Marvel.''

The editor's response was;

''We're all sad to see Rick go, but fear not - America's going to be hearing some BIG news about where he'll be heading next soon.''

Could the rumours be true of a new Astonishing Avengers series? Or perhaps he'll be taking over Captain America in the next few months as Brubaker's eight year tenure comes to an end. He's also got some creator owned stuff in the works (which is currently untitled but some teasers have been released which I'll post below,) so Venom may not be the only title he's leaving. What you like to see him do next?

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Remender is leaving venom?


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@HotSauceCommittee: Hey, it read as him leaving venom. At least the first quote.

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yeah it's confirmed that he is definitely leaving Venom

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@ZombieBigfoot: Oh, thought you might have been joking as this was announced quite a while ago. Cullen Bunn is helping out with the current Savage Six arc, as soon as that's finished, Remender is leaving but the series will carry on under Bunn.

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@danhimself said:

yeah it's confirmed that he is definitely leaving Venom


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@HotSauceCommittee: Well s**t. Hadn't heard that. Dunno if I'll pick it up now, have to wait and see if Bunn can keep the book good before I do.

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