Rick Jones: The Most Underrated Character in Comics

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Rick Jones is a huge character in the Marvel Universe that sadly not many people know. Originally Rick started out as what a lot of people considered "the ultimate sidekick" but over the years he's proven to be a hero himself and more a lot than a sidekick.

Who is Rick Jones? Why should anyone care about him? Well just to list a few reasons...

  • He was the reason Bruce Banner became the Hulk
  • He directly gave birth to the Avengers
  • He became the second Bucky
  • He shared a body with Captain Marvel(both Mar-Vell and Genis-Vell)
  • He played a big role during the Kree/Skrull War
  • He saved the entire universe by convincing Entropy to recreate it after Genis-Vell and Entropy destroyed it
  • He helped guide Genis-Vell back to sanity who was maybe the biggest threat to the Marvel Universe at the time

Pretty crazy how this guy has never had much presences outside of comics in movies/tv shows right?

Most recently Rick was kidnapped by Leader and turned into a new Abomination, but was able to keep his mind in tacked and became a hero going back A-Bomb.

Now I think it's great that Rick is finally getting some power of his own that isn't super short lived, but because of the guilt he harbors about being the cause behind Bruce becoming The Hulk he can't transform back. His wife Marlo who used to have powers is now powerless and reduced to basically a damsel, so he decided to stay away from her for her safety.

During Wold War Hulk and Fall of the Hulks he played a huge role and was in a lot of different Hulk books, but where is he now?

For someone that played such a huge role in the MU and has always been close friends with Captain America I find it really weird that Cap wouldn't want him to be on any of his Avengers teams. I also Find it strange that with Marvel NOW trying to make some new character more mainstream like Sif and Morbius, or reestablishing known characters with new identified like Nova(Sam Alexander), Spider-Man(Doc Ock), and Captain Marvel(Ms. Marvel). How could they not even attempt giving Rick Jones a series or a least a spot on a team?

What do you think about Rick Jones?

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A great character indeed.

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Well, getting married to a pornstar didn't help.

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