Who Will Play 'Rick Grimes' In 'Walking Dead' Adaptation?

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 Jamie Bamber
We heard late last week that Robert Kirkman's ' The Walking Dead' would be heading to the small screen and that the pilot for the upcoming series would be shot on May 15th for AMC. After watching an Emmy award winning show like Mad Men, I have faith that AMC will do great things for the adaptation of Kirkman's zombie masterpiece. Plus, zombies are totally all the rage right now! The question remains though who will play the main character, Rick Grimes
While I'm not so sure how reliable the source is, the folks at Big Shiny Robot got some tidbits on some casting choices that Frank Darabont has in mind to play the lead character. The fact that the folks at BSR spoke to a variety of " different sources about names" makes it almost sound as though they pulled a few names out of a hat and said "what about this guy?" Even if the story is unreliable, it's still fun to speculate! 
 Mark Pellegrino

 Stuart Townsend
According to the report, the most reliable source named Battlestar Gallactica actor Jamie Bamber for the role of Rick Grimes. Honestly, I could see this. Now that the days of BSG are over, I'm sure Bamber is looking for another acting gig and honestly, this could be perfect for him. Bamber has proven with his role as Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica that he is capable of high drama roles. Other actors in the running include Mark Pellegrino (Dexter, LOST) and Stuart Townsend, the guy who turned down playing THOR. Beggars can't be choosers! What do you guys think? Do any of these names strike you as the right one to play Rick Grimes?
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Of the three? Mark Pellegrino...

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chuck norris
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Mark Pellegrino is the best of the three by a longshot. I like the other two but Bamber doesn't strike me as Rick Grimes material. Maybe as another character, but not Rick. Townsend's a diva and if he gets the job, my money is on him walking off set and not coming back after two episodes, so why bother. 
Other actors I think could play a great Rick Grimes:  

Garret Dillahunt - this guy is consistantly amazing in roles big and small and I think it's about time he got the lead in a television series. 
Josh Holloway - with short hair, he looks like a slightly more muscular version of comic Rick, which is great, plus since LOST is done, it'll free him up to play a character that isn't like Sawyer (aside fromt he survival situation aspect). 
Peter Krause - much like fellow Six Feet Under alum Michael C. Hall, all Krause needs is a land a role that utalizes his talents of an actor and bring him some serious recognition. Unfortunately he's gonna be on a new show called Parenthood so that'll probably kill any hope of him filming the pilot for this, other than that he's perfect. 
and finally 
Ben Foster - I'd say he's one of the best actors out there right now and doesn't disapoint, and much like Dillahunt and Krause I think Foster would excell at the transformation of clean cut Rick and the character bit by bit going over the edge.
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Jamie Bamber is my choice out of these.

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I love Stuart Townsend. (:  
He has my vote.

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@MemnochZERO: Pellegrino or Holloway would be awesome!
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  Jamie Bamber would be the best choice i think, hes awesome! Pellegrio is also a pretty good choice. I always pictured sawyer from LOST to play him. He would be great and im sure he can play a more straight narrow guy then he does on LOST. So figures crossed that this is rumor ha ha because I routing for sawyer ha ha.
But out of the three here my vote is for Bamber.

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@Illyana Rasputin said:
" Of the three? Mark Pellegrino... "
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Peter Krause wow didnt even think of him! Thats perfect for Rick very good call.
I have a new favorite for the role now ha ha
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@inferiorego said:
" Jamie Bamber is my choice out of these. "
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I am thinking the Battlestar Guy is the best bet.  
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Jamie Bamber or Josh Holloway since both are great actors in there most famous shows and both would pull the badassness of grimes easy

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@jedd said:
" chuck norris "
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mark pellegrino would be perfect, hes got that small town cop look about him. also i'm really impressed by his performance in lost atm.

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Check out this fan film....seems this unknown could do a good job!!! Im all for an unknown coming into this role and developing their "career" around it.  Look at what Mark Hammil did!!! 

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Check out this fan film....seems this unknown could do a good job!!! Im all for an unknown coming into this role and developing their "career" around it.  Look at what Mark Hammil did!!!   Vote still stands...I dont want someone cast from BG just because people liked the show...or because they are attaining fame.  The person that gets this role should shoot to the A-list just like Kirkman will when this series is a success.
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Of those three I think Mark Pellegrino would fit best. If I had my choice, Rick would be portrayed by Sam Worthington of Terminator Salvation fame.

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Andrew Lincoln! 
what do i win???

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