Walking Dead Video: Who Is Rick Grimes?

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It's no secret that I'm loving Walking Dead as I make my through catching up on the series. On Sunday, October 31, AMC will premiere the first episode of the awesome looking Walking Dead TV show.  
In case you're one of the few that hasn't been reading the comic, here's the latest video from AMC showing you who exactly Rick Grimes is. 

Perhaps we need another video feature to get everyone up to speed on this series...
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Eee! Can't wait! Also? Yes on another video feature! More Walking Dead is good for the soul.

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3 weeks left. I was reading the interview few days ago with Robert Kirkman on Wizard zine saying the fans who follow the comic won't have to worry about knowing what exactly is gonna happen to them. 

"The characters that are in the show from the book, different things will happen to them. Some of them will meet a similar fate and some of them won't. So it's going to be similar in tone, it's going to have all the famous scenes and benchmarks that everybody likes from the series, but it'll be its own viewing experience." 
That's pretty cool, I'm just hoping they don't take it far enough from the original lines.

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@Nick-SV(ril):  I read something similar to that...He pretty much said this is like a second chance to do the series and do ideas that he's had but were to late to implement....usually this would worry me but for some reason this kind of excites me since now I'll have no idea what's going to happen and will be just as shocked as everyone else
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Normally I'm one of the people who crusade for carbon copies of the comics, but for some reason this one I kind of actually want deviation. So much of what made the books fun is finding out what happens to the characters as you go along, and knowing who dies and when would kind of make me not enjoy this show as much I should.
Time will tell. I just hope they don't screw around with the prison arch too much as that was some of the best reading I have ever had in a comic. Also I can't wait to see how they handle "that scene". I hope they are not afraid to go balls out, no pun intended, with it, as the brutality is what made that so emotional.

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at 1:22 '' he's not black and white '', lol !!!!

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Oh man no sound here but that would make 1 scary show on the right time slot. And this is serialized? wow... I would love to see a cameo by Yorick Brown in the Walking Dead, Although him & the monkey would get killed by the end if the episode.

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I wonder if the'll be more of these videos?

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I know this show is based on a comic, but for those who originally don't know, they will think the opening is a rip off of 28 Days Later. 
But still, nevertheless, I wanna see this show, it looks awesome. If only George Romero was directing the series.
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Roll on Halloween!

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I sent Sara a video about Shane Walsh. Tell her to check it.
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Please don't let us down!!!

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I have a feeling this is going to be a great series. Look for it to win many awards :)

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