How does the Walking dead show compare to the comics?

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I finally gave the walking dead a chance (I wanted to from the beginning, just didn't have the chance) and thanks to a TV marathon I have been able to see the full first 6 episodes and loved it. I loved the show so much that I'm now interested in the comics. 
I've heard universal praise for the comics and of Robert Kirkman's writing, which put the walking dead (along with invincible) in my "to read list" the main thing against doing so though has been that I've always HATED everything related to zombies, out of all the monsters they've always been the most stupid and boring to me. With the show however I've realized that the story isn't about the zombies (or walkers) but of the people that try to survive. 
I want to know how good are the comics compared to the show. Are they as good? Better? Not as good? I know they are quite good, but not how good. And also is the show an adaption that just does what is in the comic or is it based in it but also separate enough to have different stories? 
Thanks :)
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Its kinda...well the story is different. There are some new characters on the show that did not appear on the comic.

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how different? (Please no spoilers)
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Um...No spoilers...Well..Rember when Rick ( Forgot his name), Instead of staying in the city they headed right to the camp of people. What else..well....there's quite a lot dude.

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Wish I could help, but I'm in the same boat as NH, LOL, so can someone just say how good the comics are? I love Kirkman's writing for Invincible and Wolf-man, but this is a very different kettle of fish.

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also, if someone likes the show does that mean that he/she is likely to enjoy the comics? With Kirkman as a consultant I would believe so but just want to make sure

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the story may be slightly different between the 2 but they have the same theme...the books are where it's at though....there will be several issues that go by where the most of a zombie you might see is a panel or two and then there are several issues that go by where you won't see a zombie at all....the zombies are more part of the environment then they are characters...they're there and they're a threat but the biggest threats of the series are the other human survivors...if you liked the show then I'd highly recommend that you check out the's not the most action packed book around so if you're looking for action then you're not going to find it here....but if you like suspense and some of the best character development in comics then Walking Dead is the book for you

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They both aren't good :)

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it is pretty good i have been reading it since last year, the comic is awesome, but its best read in trades though

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They both aren't good :)

you don't like TWD? why?

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i know this thread is 2 years old, but whatever.

story is a lot different. different characters are alive, different settings. story goes off course at different places, etc.

both are solid, but I think both are overrated. I think the story is probably better in the comic, but the black and white art is kind of...lame given the gore / zombie genre. Its not bad art by any means, but it leaves it severely lackign IMO.

On the flip side the makeup in the show is excellent but the story is pretty campy IMO. season 3 especially was a campfest.

either way...their not bad...not great either. I find myself with little or no emotional connection or attachment to any of the characters.

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The books move at a quicker pace, the show (which i do like) can be kinda slow.

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