Do you want Rick to die?

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I remember in an article that the creator say that Rick will die. I do admit he's not immortal but it makes me wonder how he will die? And how will the series continue if he's gone. I've read the comics so much, I've become quiet attatched to him. Well anyway I'd like to hear your ideas how he'll die in your opinion. Or if he dies, what do you think could happen after he goes.

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@MichonneHack27:  I don't really want to see him die cause if he goes it's gonna be the end of the series as we know it I suppose the could kill him off when carl becomes a teenager and just have his son take his place but if the do kill him off I want him to die with some dignity maybe save lives or just going peacefully  
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 I think in the first volume of The Walking Dead, Kirkman wrote that it's a story about Rick and how if he dies, the story ends. I could be completely wrong, but if I remember correctly he wrote something like that in the introduction of the first tpb.  But no, I don't want him to die. Or if they decide to kill him off, I want him to go down swinging or saving everyone's life the hero cliche way.

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IMO that would totally crush me if Rick died and probably would damage the group quite a bit without his leadership.
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if they were gonna kill him off and continue with the series, it should have been done before the governor's return. because the cast that they had then was deeper and better then what we would be left with now.

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I know that this topic was started a long time ago but some people are speculating that Rick may die in issue #100

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@BrandonChow said:

I know that this topic was started a long time ago but some people are speculating that Rick may die in issue #100

I hope not. The remaining cast are pretty weak in comparison. Unless the shift is passed onto Andrea, Michonne, or that new dude, Paul Monroe, I reckon the series would take a down turn. That said, I'm sure Kirkman could pull it off. I reckon Abraham is going to die.

Who knows maybe it's Eugene who will get lucky?

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@webhe4d: Actually he stated the opposite. Something along the lines of, "It's pretty obvious Rick isn't going to live to his 60's, and I might kill him off one day. As of now? I honestly have no intention. Even though Rick is the main character, the story could go on without him."

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