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“Welcome to Rich Rescue” 
Written by: Brent E. Erwin Art by: Jack Lawrence
Richie and Dollar meet the whole gang at the new Rich Rescue headquarters. Join Richie and the crew as they take a whirl wind tour of this brand new high tech base! This is the place to get your first look at the new Richie Rich and Rich Rescue!

“Boon Under the Bay” 
Written by: Bill Williams Art by: Marcelo Ferreira
After learning of a long lost treasure buried deep beneath the waters of the pacific south coast, Richie and the gang investigate, only to learn that there are other interested parties privy to the prizes, including a mysterious enemy and his band of modern day pirates.

“Of Demise and Men” 
Written by: Sid Jacobson Art by: Ernie Colon 
Join the creator of Richie Rich Sid Jacobson and long time Harvey Comics artist Ernie Colon for a classic tale featuring the original version everyone knows and loves of the poor little rich boy Richie Rich.

“Professor Keanbeans Gadget Corner”
Written by: Brent Patrick Rills Art by: James Silvani
Check out the latest high tech gadgets created by the Professor for the gang of Rich Rescue!

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