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The Blazer

Hot on The Trail! (Part 2)

The Know-It-All

Oh, Buoyant

Snake In The Grass (Part 2)

Double Richie

Bad Penny

That Old Thing

Aunt Mixie's Mixup (Little Lotta)

Trader Rich

The Happiness Balloon (Part 1)

Too Many Wishes (Part 2)

Heat Wave (Part 3)

Outer Space Butler

Don't Fight It!

Dot Sounds Great (Little Dot)

Fit For The Job (Little Lotta)

School for Butlers

The Magic Shoes (Part 1) - Richie finds himself in a strange place, with a double.

The Surprising Answer (Part 2) - It's the future - 2012 A.D. His double is his son!

The Boy Who Went Back (Part 1) - Richie is transported to the 18th century and meets Richie Rich the First. As well as Reggie Van Dough the First!

Pursuit of the Renegades (Part 2) - Renegades kidnap Becky, Reggie's fiancee.

The Sneer Machine

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