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Brief History

Richard Nixon was President of the United States of America from 1969-1974 and also the only president to resign office. He was somewhat aggressive toward the Soviets during the Cold War. He was also involved in the Watergate scandal. In the Watchmen universe, stayed in office longer and used Dr. Manhattan as a nuclear deterrent.

Major Story Arcs


Blue Beetle apparently is not a fan of President Nixon as he has a dart board of him in his office at the head branch of K.O.R.D Incorporated. Not only is the dart board prominently displayed in his office but the dart planted in the middle of President Nixon's face is the key to the Beetle Nest. When Ted turns the dart it opens a secret door to an elevator that takes Ted down to the Beetle Nest.


Magically Electrocuted

Brought back to life by Michael the necromancer, Nixon joins the undead presidents in their mission to destroy the United States so as to rebuild it. Nixon flies in a helicopter with some other undead presidents to pick up Washington, Lincoln, and Ford. When they land, however, Nixon recognizes Watergate and refuses to leave with the others. He tries to rip the building down but is stopped by Deadpool and a magic sword, sending Tricky Dick back to his slumber.

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