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Richard goes to kill Integral
Richard Hellsing age is unknown, Richard was educated at , and during this time was shadowed by Walter C. Dornez a younger student who was an operative of Hellsing. His main duty was to protect the two Hellsing brothers from attack. Unlike his Brother Richard is very quiet and always seems to be planning things, He has a great hate for his brother, knowning that him being older will mean he will be in charge of the Hellsing Organization. he would have his chance to lead stolen from him in the future. Richard was a very power hungry man and believed at his brother’s death he would take control of the Hellsing organization. When he discovered that in fact his brother’s daughter would in fact take control he became outraged and tried to kill her. He looked all over the Hellsing Manor as the young girl hid from him. It was the perfect time to attack; Walter C. Dornez was on a mission and would not be there to stop Richard from achieving his goal. 

Thanks to Richard, Alucard is set free.
Integral found herself with no choice but to find the weapon ( Alucard) her father had spoke of, So she ran to the basement to find a mummified corpse, As she hid and cried Richard found her and placed a bullet in her shoulder. As he spoke the corpse came to life and drank some of the blood that had splattered on the ground from Integral’s wound. As the vampire raised he killed two of Richards’s guards and removed the gun before breaking Richards leg. He then bowed before Integral a swearing his loyalty to a true Hellsing. Picking up the gun 

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