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Mister Richard Faulkner was a man who finished the earth digging machine his father spent his entire life on. When doing an exhibition for some buyers of the product, including representatives for the U.S. Military, Richard came across a pool of an unknown substance. This was later shown to be the blood of an astronaut god that had died, with its body landing on earth. This pool of blood pulled him in and gave him superpowers. He acquired super strength, durability, and the ability to turn his body into any mineral he touched. He most commonly uses his diamond form, which is always on. His wife attempted the same trick and this froze her solid in this diamond form. She then broke in a battle, sending Faulkner into a psychotic rage, begging for someone to help her. He found his way into Strata and preceded to take his anger out on the civilization. Atlee and Geo-Force intercepted him on the behalf of the Stratans and after a battle they put him down. His current where-abouts are in a cell in Strata, waiting for Aurla to find a cure for him and his wife.

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