Questions about what is Canon for Richard Dragon

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I've heard some people say that Richard Dragon was not affected by the Crisis. Is this true? Another question I have is about Chuck Dixon's run. In it he changed Richard's backstory. Is Dixon's run canon or is the original backstory for Richard still the canon origin?

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Dixon admitted that he didnt know about the characters and played favourites ,its basically up to us to consider it cannon or not since DC was never clear about it.i personally only acknowledge some stuff like him training all those guys but i havent read it so i cant go beyond that.
As for the crisis richards backstory was tied with shiva back then (i dont know the whole story)this isnt the case now as shiva's origin is clearly different than her pre-crisis self.but grant morrison has confirmed that kate kane(the orignal batwoman whom bronze tiger killed in his first encounter with batman ) is in cannon and this will be explored in batman INC . 
  so who knows?
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@MrDirector786: According to DC editorial the Chuck Dixon series is non -canon
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
@MrDirector786: According to DC editorial the Chuck Dixon series is non -canon
Co-signed. On top of that, I believe Geoff Johns ignored the Chuck Dixon series in 52, making Richard Dragon's orginal (pre-crisis) history canon.

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