Richard Case's unique contribution to the Alan Moore Songbook

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Here's Richard's contribution to The Alan Moore Songbook...

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This is great!  London was probably my favorite song on the album (maybe a tie with Madame October).
I think the illustration fits it very well. ^^

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@M.S. Feather
Yes, London is some very lovely music for sure. 
It's interesting that Tony didn't figure out what song that was, because anyone who spent any time in England would probably know that the song was about that particular city.
It was the first Alan Moore song I ever heard...and before I checked the list for the title (I had no idea what the title would be), I knew that it was a song about London. No other place in the world would have fit the description.
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I wonder why "London" was only one picture, it should of had "John Constantine" somewhere in the background
Both comics are neat, the London one looks weird with a Pre- King Mob character before the Invisibles came out.
Thanks for the history lesson on the two songs.  Why is in Litvinov's Book Richard Case is listed as Richard Pace?

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Wowee, I like those to A LOT. London was amazing, and the other had some wonderful lingo!

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Ooooops, My mistake.


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Wow, cool!!!!!


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