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When the Colonizers' home planet, Rigel, was destroyed, Thor and his companions went to investigate this power that was so great that even the Rigellians could not stand against it (cf. Thor 1:219,220).

Thor discovered the Black Stars (actually planets). Each of these Black Stars were three times the size of Jupiter. Organized in the pattern of a billion-mile-wide pentagon, these giant objects moved through space.

Rhun is the blazing star (also a planet) that shines in the middle of the five dark planets. To sustain itself and provide energy to the Black Stars, it would send out giant vacuums that destroyed planets and sucked up their materials.

On Rhun live giants, like Lord Kragonn and Dracus. Rhun would provide energy and material to the other planets. When Thor and his companions convinced Kragonn to investigate the other planets, they discovered that those civilizations had already died away some time ago. Thor convinced Kragonn to stop preying on other planets.

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