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 Rhodan takes flight with his Hounds of Helios.
Rhodan was created by Man-Beast when he evolved him from a rat into humanoid form. Rhodan was a relentless assassin and master of his Hounds of Helios. Man-Beast sent Rhodan and his hounds on a mission to eliminate HIM aka Adam Warlock when he landed in Southern California. Warlock was attacked by one hound but he killed it by breaking its neck. Warlock took flight and met Rhodan in the air on his flying chariot. Warlock killed the other hound with his gemstone and Rhodan retreated into a barn. Warlock followed Rhodan and used his gemstone to revert his enemy back into a rat. A loud screech could be heard and Rhodan in rat form was killed by a cat inside the barn.


Rhodan was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in 1972 and first appeared in Marvel Premiere # 2.

Powers & Abilities

Rhodan was a rat-humanoid with enhanced strength, claws and heightened senses due to his animal attributes. Rhodan attained flight on his chariot which was drawn by two hounds of Helios. The hounds were two massive wolves that had wings, razor sharp claws and fangs.

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