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Rhino is one of the Ventriloquists henchmen. Him and his partner Mugsy commit robberies and other petty crimes for the Ventriloquist. 

In Other Media

Batman TAS 
 Rhino and Mugsy in Batman TAS
Rhino and Mugsy appears as the Ventriloquist henchmen in Batman The Animated Series voiced by Earl Boen and Townsend Coleman.
The New Batman Adventures
Rhino and Mugsy in TNBA      
When Arnold Wesker was relased from Arkham, Rhino and Mugsy tried to make him resurect their gang. When the real Scareface returned he attempted to kill them bnut was defeated by Batman and Batgirl.   

The Batman 
 Rhino and Mugsy in The Batman
Rhino and Mugsy appears in The Batman episode ''The Big Dummy''. Like in the other series they helped the Ventriloquist to make his plan until the Batman defeated them. They both were voiced by John Di Maggio.

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