The Rhino gets his due...

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...and how!

Wow, i just don't know where to start here. This feels like one of those real great stories that just slipped under the radar.
People cry for upgrades, and for characters to get some justice done by the writers. I've seen that with Rhino as a matter of fact.
And it just got delivered, en masse. In three short stories Aleksei has gone from a known buffoon and sole brick to being one of the most three-dimensional, interesting, motivated characters I've read in a mainstream comic in some time. And saying nothing for the story itself. I won't lie and say it didn't move me, because it did. In fact as of reading ASM 625 tonight i actually welled up tears. This was writing at its finest, the way all Spider-Man stories and characters need to be written.
If you've read it, thoughts? If not, read it. Nuff said.
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Who is that Rhino with red eyes ?

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You, I've been hearing a lot of great things about #625, and I'm now sad because I saw the issue at the store the other day and just walked right past it -___- 
But after reading what Rhino has been up to lately (thanks to his page here on the site :D) I've been really surprised at both the first Rhino and the new Rhino, who I must say I'm really liking. 

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@CATMANEXE:  Totally agree, I think ASM #625 was the best thing I picked up this week outstanding stuff
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he's another character trying to become The Rhino/take the mantle.
He believes he must defeat the original to take his place before he
can actually call himself Rhino.
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@CATMANEXE: You know it's like Joe Kelly was born to write Rhino, every touch he's had on him was brilliant I've actually learned to like Rhino because of him.
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It's one of those endings that I hated but the same time. It was awesome, but I was seriously upset by it.

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this story reminded me of a darren aronofsky movie. in a good way

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yeah #625 made me tear up a little bit

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@danhimself said:
"yeah #625 made me tear up a little bit "

I've very curious now.  Can someone spoiler tag it for me?
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Before the Gauntlet series, I honestly thought Rhino was just a useless character for heroes to pound like Absorbing Man, Wrecker, and I know there are some others out there. When this "new" Rhino came out, honestly hated the guy already, and I thought he was going to beat up the old one, till issue #625 came out. Sad, and happy because he instantly took out the new Rhino, after this issue, I see Rhino as a character thats alot more than just a punching bag like some villians are.
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It was so sad!!! I loved those stories!!!
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Just picked this issue up today...and I agree with everything you said, Rhino was epic in this issue, and the story was just beautiful and sad.

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