Could This Be The Rhino in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2?'

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I bet you came into this thinking you'd see Paul Giamatti in a suit, right? Well, you're kind of right. It's not a suit of armor, though... it's a tracksuit. Set video captured a character which looks like Paul Giamatti (or perhaps a stunt double sporting a mask). It's safe to say this is before he steps into the costume or becomes mutated -- if he even does at all, that is (no one cared who I was until I put on the Rhino!).

Does anyone else think he looks like a rejected tracksuit bro character from the pages of HAWKEYE? 616 Aleksei Sytsevich was part of the Russia Mafia before undergoing his experiment (which I imagine will be conducted by Osborn's people), and based on this appearance, I think it's fairly safe to say he's connected to crime.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to come out May 2, 2014.





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I have a feeling that every single thing about the ASM is going to stem from Oscorp. Isn't the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon kind of the same way?

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I'm betting it's going to be like the pics of Jamie Foxx's Electro lame until the GGI works it magic

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'and based on this appearance, I think it's fairly safe to say he's connected to crime.'

you shouldnt judge a book by its cover, jus because hes got a greasy track suit on, barbed wire tattoos, what look to be hand and neck tattoos, and a scowl, doesnt mean hes a criminal...

ahh who am i kidding? that guy looks like Bruce Willis after a stay in the Gulag

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I really hope this doesn't suffer from Spider-Man 3 syndrome due to so many characters.

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I really hope this doesn't suffer from Spider-Man 3 syndrome due to so many characters.

TASM 2 and Days of Future Past both have me worried about a potential Spider-Man 3 type of situation.

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It looks like that mask Ryan Gosling wore in Drive!

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Might follow the story that was in Spectacular Spider-Man...

Also, bro...

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@sammo21: Didn't Spectacular Spider-Man also make pretty much every bad guy connected to Oscorp in some way? Tombs became Vulture because Norman apparently stole his tech, Doc Ock was created from a lab disaster in Oscorp if I remember correctly. Shocker worked for Norman and Oscorp created Rhino and Sandman.

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@ekrolo: Yeah, I guess both cartoons did it. I guess that's what happens with the highschool stuff and having Harry Osborn play such a prominent role.

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Another article said it was just the driving Stuntman for the character...

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Obviously Calender Man.

(Yes, I know he's DC.)

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@ccraft said:


Same reaction here lol..

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It looks like that mask Ryan Gosling wore in Drive!

Oh yeah!!

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Because anyone wearing an Adidas track suit must be that one guy from Hawkguy xD

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Looks like a weird mob character

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@g_man: Fraction's Hawkeye? Damn I love that series.

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Obviously Calender Man.

(Yes, I know he's DC.)

My first thought.

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@g_man:Another crazy broad bro. lol I thought that was funny in Hawkeye. Like really? All you can say is bro?

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@g_man said:


Bro, we futz you up, bro.

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Someone call Spider-guy and Pizza Cat

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I didn't even know the Rhino was in this film

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Oh, I thought Adidas was the new Spider-Man villain. PRODUCT PLACEMENT!!! FTW

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Has to be more to it than that. Just has to be. CGI or something to be added later. Otherwise this would just be a laughingstock I think.

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ehh too many characters aren't bad if they have minor roles. SP3 sucked because it was poorly written (dance scene anyone?)

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Looks more like Hammerhead, but The Rhino is the listed character on IMDB. Another movie fusion perhaps?

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rhino is gonna be a weird character

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Are we sure it's Rhino? It could be Hammerhead.

Also, it's happening AGAIN!! We know Electro going to be in this and they're adding another villain? That's why Spider Man 3 and Batman and Robin failed. They had 3 or more villains and comic book movies should have just one or two if they plan well. 60's Batman movie is an exception, as the writers worked really hard to space them out, and 3 of them were Romero, Gorshin, and Meredith who are all FTW.

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God let's hope not.

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uhm, hopefully not. :)

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i was just thinking that. looks like someone has been reading hawkeye lol

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Anything will be better then the Venom we had on screen.

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Pls don't Nolan-ize my Spiderman bro. After that Victor Zsasz ....

Maybe Hammerhead ?

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