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Reynardine is the brother of Coyote and Ysengrim. Like his brothers he's a powerful animal spirit, in his case a fox. Reynardine was originally a powerful fox spirit with a relatively normal looking fox body, but one day he fell in love with Antimony Carver's mother, Surma. He went to Coyote for help and Coyote gave him the ability to posses bodies. Reynardine possesed the body of a schoolmate of Surma's, but to his dismay found that the boy was killed when he left the boy's body. This led to his capture by the Court and his imprisonment. Many years later Reynardine would first meet Anitmony Carver, Reynardine was posses the body of a large dragon like creature and was attempting to escape the Court, he ended up saving Antimony but was captured once more. Anitmony went to meet him in secret and Reynardine tried to posses her, but instead ended up possessing a doll she had brought. He then became trapped in the doll due to spells on the doll. He now seems to be a friend to Antimony, although a tad bit antagonistic. 


Reynardine posses the ability to posses other creatures and certain inanimate objects, but due to his current host body he can not do so. Reynardine also posses a certain degree of shape shifting in his doll body, but it's unknown if he had the same ability with his other host bodies. His other powers, if any, are unknown. 
Reynardine must follow any orders from Antimony due to his current host body.

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