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Generator Rex


Generator Rex is a fifteen-year-old boy who battles Evo's for Providence. He can create dangerous and useful weapons from his body with a single thought. This Rex is created by Men Of Action. They created the character, Ben 10, who had a team-up with Rex in a comic book. Generator Rex doesn't resemble the original M. Rex, and Man Of Action has a different storyline and layout for Generator Rex in the Cartoon Network show version.

Origin Of "Generator" Rex

The main cast.

Rex lives in a world where nanites have infected every living thing on the planet. Nanites infect every living thing on the planet due to something referred to simply as "the Event", which unleashed all the nanites due to careless scientists trying to make very small nanotech robots. Later the motives behind the Event are revealed to be intentional, with Rex's brother Cesar Salazar setting off the event in order to save Rex from death and the Nanite Project (referred to many times simply as "The Project") from the hands of Van Kleiss. Normally these machines are harmless, but occasionally they will mutate living things into monsters called EVOs. EVOs normally are mindless monsters who mutate from human or animal/insect life due to the nanites malfunctioning, and Providence has three options on how to handle them: cure them, using Rex; containing them; or killing them. This is simply referred to as the "Cure, Contain or Kill" protocol. Rex himself is an EVO, but unlike most EVOs he is able to control his nanites to create machines and make almost any machine he can think of out of his body parts. The most common machines he creates are his Smackhands, Punk Busters, Slam Cannon, Boogie Pack, BFS and the Rex Ride. Later, when he is injected with the Master Control nanite by Doctor Rylander, he can create updated versions of his original machines and create new ones, like a giant whip and a hoverboard, but needs to concentrate to make the upgrades. As his skill level and experience increases he can summon the upgraded versions with more and more ease.

Rex works for an organization called Providence, which was founded to protect Earth from EVOs, and helps battle EVOs with Six and Bobo, fellow Providence agents. Bobo Haha is a chimpanzee EVO, which is apparent by his ability to talk. Rex is the only one in the world who is able to "cure" other EVOs of their condition. By curing, Rex reprograms all the renegade nanites and returns the EVO to their normal human or animal form. Rex also suffers from amnesia, and Providence has promised him that they would help him discover his past in return for working with them.

The second season of generator Rex explores more about Rex's clouded origins. In the television series' second season (in the episode "Rabble"), Rex is on a mission in Tokyo and runs into a group of teenage EVOs who are able to control their nanites. His orders from Providence are to neutralize the EVOs, but when he confronts the leader, Tuck, he regards Rex as a friend, and reveals that he knew Rex years ago, part of the period that Rex fails to remember due to his amnesia. Rex recieves small flashes of old memories that support the claims of the EVO during the mission. It is revealed that Rex was in fact the leader of the teenagers, and that there was a possible relationship going on between him and another member of the group, Cricket. Cricket is shown to still have feelings for Rex, even after all the years he was gone. They also show him things from his past life, which reveals that he was an entirely different person from who he is today; he would lead them in criminal heists, steal from many places, and even worked for some time with an EVO crime boss who called himself Quarry, because he was made of rock and had rock-related abilities. Quarry and Rex later have an encounter, and it is revealed that Rex kept a journal for himself, because his amnesia spells were frequent and he needed to remember his life before. Quarry was in possession of Rex's journal of his past life, and used it as leverage over Rex so he would work for him and defy Providence and their orders. Rex makes a bold move and destroys the journal and defeats Quarry. He has to say goodbye to his old friends, who promise not to cause any more trouble with Providence and the police.

In another episode ("Promises, Promises", episode 19), Agent Six remembers how Rex started working for Providence. Back when Six and White were partners, they were sent on a mission to Mexico to fight what appeared to be the first EVO with inorganic properties. It displayed what are recognized as Rex's Smackhands, Punk Busters, Boogie pack and BFS. It isn't clearly shown or explained how Rex got this EVO's properties. The main scientist back then, Dr. Fell, was interested only in "disassembling" EVOs (basically killing them and getting the exact same results every time) wanted to capture this one and disassemble it. His assistant, Doctor Holiday, was against this protocol and believed in a cure for EVOs. She told Six about her theory, which White thought was only wishful thinking and a weakness. Six still listened, and when the mission caused the EVO to explode, he was thrown back into the wreckage of a town. Under a heap of rubble, he found an unconcious 14-year old boy, who turns out to be Rex. He wakes up, but has just had an amnesia attack, and remembers nothing of his previous life. Six decides to rescue him, and Rex tags along as they navigate through the ruins of the town. They are attacked by an EVO, and when it appears Six is defeated, Rex boldly goes up to the EVO and lays his hand on it, curing it. Six then realizes that Rex is Holiday's cure, and decides to bring him back to Providence. White is skeptical that he is rescuing this boy, and doesn't know that Rex is an EVO and is the cure. Six hides Rex away in the base and tells Holiday about him. White is suspicious, and overhears some of the conversation, and then kidnaps Rex and brings him to the head scientist, who wants to disassemble him. They start the process right away, and Six wakes up, and sees it happening. He tries to stop the process, but White tries to kill Rex instead, seeing that Six is attached to him. As White attacks Rex with a gun, Six uses his superior swordsmanship skills and splits the bullets in half, where they go to either side of Rex and don't harm him. White overpowers Six eventually, and tries to kill Rex with one of Six's swords, but Rex's nanites protect him and adapt so that White can't hurt him. The lab system begins to fail, and as the disassembly process goes out of control, and White, making a bold move, helps Six and Rex escape while sacrificing himself and being locked inside the lab by the safety procedures. Six is devastated and tries to rescue him, but the doors are shut tight and he can't help his best friend. Rex shuts off the lab with his nanites just in time to save White, but White is now fully sterilized and nanite-free, so he has to be in a nanite-free chamber at all times to this day. After that, Rex starts to train with Bobo and Six and to officially work for Providence.


Generator Rex

Rex messes with Kleiss

Rex (voiced by Daryl Sabara) is the titular character and protagonist of this television series. It is still running on Cartoon Network and currently in its second season. In it, Rex works for Providence, an organization dedicated to saving the world from rogue EVOs, battling his enemies and trying to discover his past. He frequently clashes with the Pack, the main villains of the series, and Van Kleiss, the resident supervillain. The fifteen-year-old is all about having fun, and sometimes doesn't take his job seriously, which is shown by him breaking out of Providence on "road trips" and forgetting the cost of his careless actions, which can mean lives. He likes to "mess around", and when authority figures tell him to get it together, he acts like a normal teenager and defies them. He has a sidekick, a chimpanzee named Bobo Haha, who is a self-proclaimed bad influnce who often gives sarcasm at the most inopportune times, such as in the middle of battle. Rex's only "normal" friend is a kid named Noah, who Rex sneaks out to talk to and play basketball with. It was revealed in the series that Noah in fact works for Providence, but that Rex was not to know, until Noah revealed the fact to Rex. Rex also has a girlfriend of sorts, Circe, who is a member of the Pack. She believes Van Kleiss is the good guy, and Rex is delusioned, and whenever the two meet, Rex tries to bring her to his side. The two began to get close in the series' third episode, "Beyond the Sea".

Rex's mentor and father figure is Agent Six, although no relation between the two has been revealed or hinted at. It was revealed in the second season that Six was the one who originally found Rex and discovered his EVO abilities right after his latest amnesia attack. Six acts as Rex's handler, and is all about the rules and following orders, although he has shown a more caring side recently to Rex, by showing empathy when he runs out or doesn't feel "normal". Doctor Holiday is the mother figure of sorts, who Rex had an obvious attraction to in the series' first couple episodes. She seems to understand Rex more than anyone, since she relates to his human side more and she is Providence's "resident expert" on the nanites.

When Rex encounters one of the original scientist who experimented with nanites right before the Event, Rylander, the scientist injects a special nanite into him as a last resort before he fights with Van Kleiss, who wants the nanite for himself. After Holiday studies it, she figures out that it is a controller nanite, called the Omega-One Nanite, which gives Rex access to even more abilities and things he can make his nanites do. He makes a "second generation" of sorts of his old machines, but improves them and instead of being orange, they now glow blue. He can so far create giant cylinders in place of his Smackhands, which when pounded together release a pulse of energy; a tentacle whip which he can use to swing over gaps and grab enemies; and two glowing axes which he uses as pickaxes and weapons. These second-generation machines are usually harder for Rex to build, since they require more concentration than his first-generation machines, which are second-nature to him, though he seems to be getting over this weakness.Rex recently showed he can now form two different machines at once.

M Rex

Rex is an adventurous kid who is raised by a man named Spilken. Rex doesn't know anything about his family, and Spilken promised that one day he would help him find his family. In the mean time, Spilken has taught Rex the "trade", which appears to be stealing from others. The pair ended up on a cruise ship owned by Simon Babbage, an animal rights activist. Also on this cruise ship wasMia Moore, a famous actress who was promoting animal

M Rex

rights with Simon. While trying to break into an area of the ship, Rex accidentally runs intoAgent Six. Rex quickly runs, while Six sends his monkeys after Rex. The monkeys cornered Rex, and he thought they were going to kill him, when the floor suddenly opened up underneath him.

Rex fell onto a bunch of flowers which belonged to Mia, who was getting ready for a show that night on the cruise ship. Mia went to go get something for Rex, to help him out since he had fallen from the ceiling. But when she turned around again, Rex had already taken off. Rex finds his way to the stage, where Mia is introducing Simon to the audience. But as Simon is giving his speech, the slot machines turned into giant robots and started attacking people. Rex was going to take off running, but when Mia was in trouble, he stayed behind to help her. As Mia and Rex were about to be attacked by a robot, Rex's hands started to glow and two giant metal fists appeared in front of him and crushed the enemy robots.


M Rex has nanotech colony living in his heart, which has granted him abilities beyond his wildest imagination. These tiny robots do what they can to protect Rex by affecting the world around him (like causing the floor to open up so he could escape from the killer monkeys). The most interesting part of these nanotech robots is that they are programmed to make anything that Rex can think of. They can form any weapon, vehicle, or object that Rex imagines, like the giant fists that crushed the killer robots. Rex also has meta-nanites in his system which can be used to give him almost any power including nigh omnipotence.

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