johnkmccubbin91's Revival: You're Among Friends #1 - Volume 1 review

Revival: You're Among Friends Review

One of the key things for this story being so successful has to be Tim Seeley, as his great imagination, along with his fantastic ability to write unusual stories takes this from a simple supernatural story to something much more dramatic and suspenseful. Seeley also adds a lot of character depth and emotion to this tale, making each character as unique as the story is itself. I also loved how Seeley didn't shy away from getting ever so slightly controversial, as despite the fact that some of the character reactions could seem ever so slightly offensive to certain cultures, it makes the story much more realistic in nature, ultimately making it that much more intense.

Mike Norton’s artwork would also be very impactful on this story, with the layout and character’s facial expressions adding the perfect tone and atmosphere for this tale. I also loved the graphic sequences that Norton drew as well, as despite the fact that it would be the overall eeriness and emotion to Norton’s art that appealed to me the most, the graphicness of certain sequences would add a lot of intensity and drama to the story, making it that much more impactful.

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Edited by Jake Fury

Nice work. Is this an ongoing or a limited series? Image just keeps turning out great stories don't they?

Posted by Jake Fury

Nevermind, just saw that its an ongoing.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@jake_fury: No problem. I'd still highly recommend it though and I agree that Image do continue to bring out brilliant series, which although great does hurt the wallet a bit.

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