johnkmccubbin91's Revival: Live Like You Mean It #1 - Volume Two review

Revival: Live Like You Mean It Review

Tim Seeley didn’t just give us a great story with this volume, but he also managed to continue the overall events of the series perfectly, giving us both a stand alone story, whilst delving into set-ups from the last volume. Seeley would also continue to focus heavily on character development, whilst also introducing some new characters at the same time, using their individual characteristics to heighten the quality of the story. I would also love how Seeley would continue to make this a very mysterious series, whilst also showing even more of it’s crime genre as well.

The artwork from Mike Norton would also once again outstand me, and the combination of Seeley’s great writing and Norton’s fabulous art has really made this a awesome series tone wise. Much like the first volume it would be the layout of Norton’s art that would make it as phenomenal as it is, as not only would it help the story to flow even more smoothly, but it’d also add more depth and tone to the story. Norton would also once again do a great job of showing the characters emotions in this volume, as it would add a lot of intensity and drama to the story, as well as making it even more suspenseful.

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Posted by MadeinBangladesh

'm gonna start reading this series soon after I read Bedlam

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@madeinbangladesh: It's well worth it. I probably will only be getting it in trade myself (to lower budget cost) but it's still worth getting. I've been meaning to try Bedlam myself but have other stuff like Saga, East of West, Fatale and Morning Glories (currently reading the first volume) to try first.

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