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Zero #2 - Chapter 2: I Remember Who You Are Review


Secret agents have to start their training somewhere. This is where we get to see how Agent Zero got started.

The Good

Talk about a change of pace. The first issue threw us straight into the action. Here, we get to see more of what shaped Zero into the agent his is. The idea of being trained at a young age is an interesting way to look at who he was and who he'll become. It adds to the fact that these extra years will help put him over the top. There are some very important aspects we get to see and hopefully we'll get to see more of these bits touched on in later issues. Ales Kot is touching on some very very interesting ideas here.

Along with the shift in the time period, we have a shift in the art. Each issue will feature a different artist. That's been made clear from the beginning. It's a nice way to distinguish and separate the different missions. Tradd Moore's art captures the time period for our character nicely. There's a bit of innocence mixed with the action and violence you'd expect after the first issue. Of course having Jordie Bellaire to color all the issues was a brilliant decision to help bridge the gap between each issue and the difference in styles.

This issue has an amazing cover as well.

The Bad

The shift in art does take a little getting used to. Getting passed that, it is brilliant.

It's interesting that the first issue featured Zero as an adult and in the second, it jumps way back to his childhood. There was an intro and outro in the first issue but this one just throws us further back into the past.

The Verdict

Ales Kot delivers another look a passed mission of secret agent, Edward Zero. We've seen agents trained from childhood before but Kot adds little touches that make you curious about what happens next. We've seen him as an adult and by showing us this time period, we know have more questions and a deeper hunger to see more of the time in between. Each issue features a different artist and Tradd Moore steps in to showcase a different time in Zero's life. Jordie Bellaire's colors are the glue that makes it easier to jump from one artist to the next. Zero has become more human in this issue and there's no telling what is going to happen next.

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Posted by RedhoodFlashLantern

love this book def one of my new favorite books,i like the new artist every issue thing and cant wait for the next issue

Posted by frankcal460

This story keeps getting better and better but personally the art for this issue is a huge letdown after following the art from the first issue. The first issue's art captured the tone of the story perfectly while this one did not but that's the gamble you take when each issue has a different artist. Will definitely keep reading regardless.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

Haven't read it yet but I agree with @frankcal460 that Michael Walsh's art fit the story better (at least what I saw in the preview) than Tradd Moore's (I've never even heard of him).

Edited by manwithoutshame

5/5, this issue blew my mind! Zero is already in my top 5.

Posted by longbowhunter

One of the biggest reasons I'm buying this book is the awesome roster of rotating artists. I loved Tradd Moore on Luther Strode.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I'd give this a 5, it was fantastic. I love this series a lot already. Can't wait for Kot's Secret Avengers to start.

Posted by Jake Fury

Really enjoyed this issue, much more than the first one.