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X-Treme X-Men #1 Review


It's time for another new X-Men series. This one has a definite different feel but still feels like something we've seen before.

The Good

The X-Men have a vast number of interesting characters. Throw in alternate versions and the sky's the limit with what can be done.

We recently saw an alternate world in the pages of ASTONISHING X-MEN (written by Greg Pak). Now we're seeing the continuation of the fate of that world. They will be going on an inter-dimensional mission and to make things more interesting, they'll be bringing along one of our X-Men characters: Dazzler.

This goes along with the mention of so many good X-Men characters. Dazzler is one that has often been shoved in the back and rarely sees any action (even though she does her best to try to get 'some' in this issue). Having her front and center is going to be a treat to fans and long time X-Men readers. How she'll interact with the other versions of the characters will also be a great new dynamic.

The art and color by Stephen Segovia and Jessica Kholinne immediately set the tone in separating this from other X-titles. If we're going to be visiting other worlds, this is an important aspect the book will need. Everything should have a different feel yet still retain bits of detail to remind us who everyone is or is supposed to be.

The Bad

It's another X-Men title. Yes it is different from the others. There is an interesting appeal here but we already have so many different X-titles. This adds one more for readers to consider.

As for the tone of the book, it does have a slight EXILES feel to it. That's good and bad. I do want to see where this is going to go but I don't know if we need another EXILES type book again. That series was great and eventually fizzled out. I like the idea of characters hopping around different dimensions but I'll have to see how this series progresses to determine if it's something I need right now. I have faith in Greg Pak but we can't always just go on faith alone.

The Verdict

X-Men fans can either rejoice or cringe because there is a new X-Men title on the shelves. Greg Pak is taking some of the characters he introduced in his recent ASTONISHING X-MEN arc and with Dazzler thrown in, the party's about to get started. This book is separate from the other X-titles as it seems to have more of an EXILES feel with the team having to go out to different worlds to complete their agenda. This is a good and bad thing since I'm not sure if that's something I want right now. Greg Pak sets up the series and I will return next issue to make a better judgement on my opinion overall. I love the inclusion of Dazzler but we'll see if that and the 'anything goes' direction will be enough to win me over.

Posted by jsphsmth

I was interested, but this is not the best review. I trade wait my Marvel comics, so I guess I will see how the full arc develops.

Posted by G-Man

@jsphsmth: Let's see if others chime in.

Posted by TheAnnihilator

Pretty much what I thought about the issue.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Too many X-Men comics and most feel like there isnt any effort

Posted by Vulshock

In my opinion it was decent. I think it would be better as a limited series though.

Posted by ShockTrooper

SInce I never read the Exiles or any book like this, I thought it was really good issue.

Posted by drowsap

Im still pretty new to reading comics even though im 26 thanks comicvine, but iv never read any exiles so this is new to me but im liking the book so far kind of reminds me of the show Sliders

Posted by Zombiebite1888

Not having read the Astonishing X-men arc this was my first introduction of this team and while I felt Kid Nightcrawler was a little charming, the others were very Eh. I liked the art and thought the colors were spot on, but the story was flimsy and after reading it through, I could not get the TV series "13 Ghost of Scooby Doo" out of my head. Feeling more campy than X-treme right now, maybe in a few issues it will grow into a solid identity. I am planning to give the next issue a chance but this issues received the score it deserved.

Posted by charlieboy

can't wait to read this. biggest dazzler fan ever!!!

Posted by Blood1991

I'm glad Pak used Dazzler, because she hasn't been doing anything, but I felt pretty meh about it. Not great, not awful. I'll have to think about picking up the next issue.

Posted by rawr

I enjoyed this arc as the final pre-Marjorie Liu arc of Astonishing X-Men so when I heard it was turning into its own book I went HOORAY.

Yes it is another X-Men title but guess what? Several current ones are going away very soon with Marvel Now! including Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, and X-Men Legacy. All books with rich history I rather enjoy. I was rather peeved. So a multiverse adventure about murdering Xavier over and over again is rather up my alley. Even if it counts as Yet Another Wolverine Title. At least Howlett isn't thus far the massive hypocritical jerk that Wolverine can be. Also no Cyclops. So Cyclops haters can dance too! I love me some Cyclops and I hope a nice multiverse Cyclops shows up to make Emmeline show actual depression at the death of "her" "Scotty" but its okay if that doesn't happen and this just ends up being a silly and fun book. The Exiles JIM/New Mutants crossover was one of my favorite things things year. Bring on the weird!

It was silly, it was fun, the new spins on old characters are interesting. I look forward to a lighthearted X-Men title after the slog that AvX has turned everything into. ONWARD TO THE MULTIVERSE.

Edited by SoA

@Zombiebite1888: so understand where you are comin from with the "13 ghosts " reference. maybe Vincent Price will be one of the ten? lol

i miss the exiles (even though vol 3 sucked) and im glad x-treme is its spiritual successor can't wait for next issue the fight is gnna be awesome!

Posted by Iron Fist Angel

@rawr said:

Yes it is another X-Men title but guess what? Several current ones are going away very soon with Marvel Now! including Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, and X-Men Legacy. All books with rich history I rather enjoy.

Yeah I'm not happy about that either. There are several comics I follow religiously which are being canceled in October, (not just X-books either). However....this is not going to fill the void for me. It's funny that one of the Pros in the review was that it features alternative versions of X-men. As someone who has read almost every X-men comic ever printed, I am so completely sick of alternate versions of the X-men. Marvel has dipped into that well waaaaay too many times.

I read almost every X-book but this is a big ol' pass for me. I didn't like the Astonishing arc which preceded this either.

Posted by Hus

@rawr said:

Even if it counts as Yet Another Wolverine Title.

S.O.B.!! How many titles do we need of this effing man!?

Posted by Ijan092

I have to say, the book had a good start at least from my point of view. The art is actually pretty good and i think the arc that is already in developing will be good.

Edited by PhoenixoftheTides

I am a Dazzler fan but I didn't like the artist's rendering of her (she has a beauty mark that appears out of nowhere and just seems to be there to separate her from Emmeline) and the general feel of the art in the book itself was underwhelming despite the great covers. I'm also not fond of travelling through alternate realities since this had already been done to a certain extent by the eXiles and Dazzler had already been in comic-book limbo over in the Mojoverse for long enough. I was hoping she'd gain relevance in the real 616 world. Plus another Wolverine is not necessary and this one is more overpowered than the 616 one, if that is even possible (do we really need alternate versions of Emma and Wolverine? They are both pretty over-exposed at this point).

I read through this twice, trying to give it a chance, but was not that impressed. Also, a few panels indicated a puzzling lack of familiarity with how Dazzler's powers work. She can store sound in her body, so she doesn't need a guitar or an external source at all times. It seems that they de-evolved her just to draw a few panels of her strumming a guitar in order to use her powers.

This whole series feels like a bad idea, to be honest. It seems to me that a better direction for the character would be exploring elements similar to the X-Statix or NYX series. She's always straddled the line between superhero and civilian, and a "Sliders"-style story with her in it doesn't seem necessary.