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X-Men: Schism #1 - Schism, Part One Review


The story that threatens to tear the X-Men team apart has arrived at last; the question is, will the X-Men really be torn apart?

Over the course of the last few months we have seen Marvel publish prelude comics to Marvel's Schism mini series focusing a lot on what happened to Scott Summers in the past and how his actions and experiences led him to become the current leader of the X-Men. Today we saw the first issue of Schism; the story arc that threatens to tear the X-Men apart. So the big question is, will it really break up the X-Men? And if so why and how?

The Good

The book opens with Wolverine returning to Utopia from what one can presume was a heated battle. As he walks through the beach on Utopia he begins to remove countless ninja stars and arrows that have pierced his skin and since become lodged therein. There is a very funny joke within the first few pages where Wolverine acknowledges just how much responsibility he has by listing off the countless number of teams he is currently leading (including the one that Scott doesn't know about). I thought that was a cute line by writer Jason Aaron. There will be some spoilers ahead, so do not continue reading if you haven't yet read the issue.

Cyclops and Wolverine head to a meeting with international leaders at the International Arms Conference in Switzerland. It is here that Cyclops proposes to offer the help of the X-Men in eliminating the Sentinels originally built by Simon Trask long ago. The response, however, was unexpected. This issue sets up the story for what we can guess will be a big battle. The surprise at the end of the issue is also very interesting. I don't want to say anything that would ruin it for you so I'll stop.

The Bad

I understand that Kid Omega is this supreme being but I can honestly in no way take him seriously with a name like "King Omega." Then I saw the "costume" he is wearing. He did not seem like someone who would pose a great threat whatsoever. Change his name and give him something other than a lame t-shirt, please. I also didn't quite understand why Cyclops and Logan went into an International Arms Conference being held by world leaders dressed in their X-Men clothing. I understand you want to represent the X-Men, but I don't think you should walk into a meeting in the same clothes you wear on the battlefield when you are trying to obtain the trust of international leaders and possibly form a coalition with them against an adversary.

I also noticed that a lot of the teenage girls (mutants) in this issue wore super duper low rise pants, if you know what I mean. I'm just saying, if I were a 14 year old girl and Wolverine sat down next to me, my first instinct would be to make sure my back side isn't spilling out of my mini skirt.

The Verdict

There was a lot of hype from Marvel about this series, and maybe my expectations were a bit too high. I have to admit I was disappointed in this issue. There have been better first issues of a story arc, but I do think that some of the concepts we saw in this issue are interesting. I think the set up was just okay, but I am still interested in the reasons why this team will be breaking up.

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Posted by Sobe Cin

@ Sara.  
   I had read the book myself today, and I enjoyed it. It was great, but I think Prelude to Schism was almost better. But the ending does have me curious and I will continue getting the book. I liked the art and I am somewhat disappointed that the art is going to change with each part. I just have one question, when did the G-Hope kids get code names?
Posted by G-Man

I loved this issue! I am now officially excited about this. Loved the interaction between Wolverine and Scott.

Posted by doordoor123

I miss some good X-men stories. I skimmed through this and saw that almost the entire issue was dialogue. I think ill wait for the second issue before I decide to pick this up.
Posted by fenixREVOLUTION

I enjoyed the hell out of this one, even if not a whole lot happened. I'm just wondering what the big threat is going to be, it can't possibly be all the worlds collective sentinels attacking Utopia. I'm excited to see where it goes. I think the art might have been the most disappointing thing in the book, I like Pacheco, but this just seemed lifeless, no energy to it, but overall a solid issue.

Posted by Burnstar1230

It was a solid issue overall. Can't really expect much at the very beginning (Although most of us probably have a clue as to what's generally going to happen).

Posted by CombatSpoon86

I thought this issue was a solid first issue. Better than the prelude. Even Jason Aaron said in an interview that you don't need to read the prelude. I'm liking this better than fear itself.

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Plus there is a different artist for every issue. I'm looking forward to Acuna's artwork.

Posted by Darkchild

must say to the low skirt point, its cuz were men an we dont care lmao 
nah idk

Posted by MrMazz

Overall its solid this is part one of 5 so stuff isn't going to get real untill at least issue 3 still don't understand how this is going to tear the mutants apart i guess thats part of the read the next issue thing

Edited by digimod

I'm with you Sara, this series is starting out with a whimper instead of a bang.  Everyone seemed a little out of character too,  Hope was surprisingly soft spoken and unbratty, Logan was too easy going with Scott, and what was that whole exchange between Idie and Wolverine - cute yeah but seemed wasted on what is supposed to be the first in a big event.  I also couldn't wrap my head around where the prelude fit into this.  I assume it happens after the conference but it just didn't feel like it fit now. 
I did like the whole Kade drama going on and loved the last page.

Edited by digimod
@G-Man said:

I loved this issue! I am now officially excited about this. Loved the interaction between Wolverine and Scott.

Really?  This bugged me - I expected Logan to be a little more cranky with him - seemed out of character.
Posted by G-Man

@digimod: Wolverine doesn't like Scott but he respects him as a leader. I think it says a lot about Wolverine that he follows him. Of course this isn't going to last much longer. Also, it's a #1. It's setting things up. The $#!%'s gonna hit the fan shortly. It might not have been necessary but I dug seeing it and can appreciate it being there for new readers.

Posted by CombatSpoon86
Im with you, I really dug the first issue. I never would have thought i'd pick up an X-book of now. I was just impressed with Aaron's characterization. I'm very curious who will side with who bc their might be a twist.
Posted by Eyz

I do like this arc already and the start of it so far..but it feels like one of those X-men storyarcs that has been repeating over and over and over and...

Posted by Wingfoot

Hi ! 
The answer lies in the question. Marvel never breaks, never changes anything, at least permanently. However, I think this "schism", with Wolverine as a team leader, is a big mistake and at best a short-sighted settlement... and a stagnation rather an evolution. 
And expectations are never too high, pal. 
Hihane washte.
Posted by keith71_98

Disagree with the review to a degree. I really liked this issue and the fashion didn't bother me. I was wondering about why they were wearing their costumes but as representatives of the X-Men (and not just mutants) I felt it could easily be explained.
Posted by pspin

I liked it, i really didnt think anyone was too far out of character, I think that the Wolverine and Idie thing was to show he has a softer side and cares about the others
Posted by djotaku

Re: kid omega that's his costume from Morrison's New X-Men.  He was a huge thorn in their side back then, once of the big bads from his run.  Wonder if this heralds a return of the drug he was peddling back then too, but I remember that was a scheme by one of the other big bads so maybe not. 
You know, I've said the same about whether there will be a schism.  We know Wolvie's leading a new team.  That's all we know.  As far as I know, no one has said Scott leads the other.  Maybe he and Wolvie are both in one team.  Maybe Scott temporarily dies?  Also, Rachel Summers is Phoenix Force backed so maybe something with her becoming evil and Scott being on her side or something.  We'll see.
@Sobe Cin said:

@ Sara.     I had read the book myself today, and I enjoyed it. It was great, but I think Prelude to Schism was almost better. But the ending does have me curious and I will continue getting the book. I liked the art and I am somewhat disappointed that the art is going to change with each part. I just have one question, when did the G-Hope kids get code names?

In the most recent Gen Hope - the one with Teon and blind justice in front   Also, the next two Gen Hope issues are officially part of Schism according to the quarter cards they've been handing out at my local comic shop.   So you may want to add it to your pull list.
Posted by Chaos Burn

Wolv and Cyclops were very 'close' in this comic

Posted by jotadex

i really liked this one. 
one question only, is it me or hope's team design is quite different from their serie??specially teon.

Posted by Osiris1428

I just don't like the idea of Wolverine even being someone considered to lead if the ideas of where mutant kind should go should split between Scott and someone else. If it's between Cyclops and someone else, it would be Magneto, or Storm.  But....hey....

Posted by Trodorne

after reading the issue I think marvel is pulling our yank cause this seems like a big waste of time for two guys who dislike each other and who are whipping it out to see whose is bigger. 
 Personally Wolverine has ENOUGH series to last him several years and it is pointless to continue with this. Im hoping marvel might (which is a 0.0001%) come to their senses and scrap the idea of him being leader. its things like this that has cut my x-men reading to just uncanny x-men. but now that is going to be cut once schism is done.

Posted by Edgeworth_11

Awesome read. X-men kick major butt!! Logan is a caring man and has morals. Nice to see that side of him. He will be a great leader, as will Scott ofcourse.
Posted by shackle

The good news is that if Wolverine is leading an X Men team maybe he won't be showing up in every other book in the Marvel Universe.

Posted by Omertalvendetta

I read four issues (prelude) and their greatest threat was a bunch of sentinels?? If that's the case, this will honestly be the most disappointing thing I have ever read.  Also, Cyke's powers are concussive, last I checked; he shouldn't be able to split a Sentinel down the middle.