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X-Men: Legacy #254 - Five Miles South Of The Universe, Part One Review


Will we see the return of Havok, Polaris and Marvel Girl? Rogue and her team of X-Men are on an intergalactic adventure to try to return the former X-Men to safety. Being the first part of a new storyline, the stage is being set up.

After far too long, the possibility of the return of Havok, Polaris and Marvel Girl finally is finally being addressed. Rogue, Magneto, Gambit and Frenzy journey across space to confront the dangers of the Shi'ar Empire.

The Good

The hunt is on to locate the missing former X-Men. In some ways it's pretty crazy that just the four X-Men are traveling across space but that adds to the excitement. With all the mini-events happening in the X-titles, it's great to have a story arc that appears to be contained within the pages of one series. You do get a sense of the team being thrown into strange territories. I'll admit I have skipped the last few issues and that is not a problem here. I got the sense of being thrown into the action as well but there is a nice recap that fully explains what lead up to this issue.

Rogue's characterization is great. You get to see her calm nature that makes her worthy of being a leader. She has come a long way and Carey knows how to write her. I'm still not sued to seeing Frenzy as an X-Man but she also has some great lines that reiterates why she is there.

The Bad

The art was good but there were some moments that were distracting, such as a look on Rogue's face or some of the backgrounds. Magneto didn't look too menacing at times either. While trying to locate their former teammates, it felt like there really wasn't too much of a plan. They seem to have just leapt across space, in the middle of a big intergalactic conflict with the hopes of locating everyone.

With all the excitement of the possible return of these characters, it is the first part of the story arc. That means the story needs to be set up. There is plenty of action and suspense but the desire for more overshadows the events in this issue. There is a really interesting cliffhanger though.

The Verdict

What have Havok, Polaris and Marvel Girl been up lately? The word of their return should be enough to get you to read this issue. Rogue, Magneto, Gambit and Frenzy travel across space in order to find them and jump right into the middle of a big mess. The characterization of everyone is spot on and you really get a sense that the X-Men might be in over their heads. The fact that this story arc is contained in the pages of this series and isn't spilling into other X-titles. Because this is the first part of the arc, the story needs to be set up which takes away from the action. There is a nice cliffhanger that will ensure that you return for the next issue.

Posted by natejoseph09

I don't see how  the charcters characterisations where spot on, Gambit is seeming more and more emo with ever passing issue with even Frenzy directing him on what to do. Gambit is care free and is not one to take the lead from someone like Frenzy. Frenzy does seem to be given the best lnes, with Magneto and Gambit pointing out observations every once in a while. I hope the next writer makes it more of a team book as this just seems like the Rogue and freinds book.
Posted by sparty-dbq

I wasn't crazy about the art, especially near the end when I saw maybe the most pug-fugliest depiction of Rogue's face - or possible any female face - I'd ever seen.  Still, it's worth putting up with to see Havok and Polaris back in the fold.

Posted by Bestostero

I really dislike Frenzy. I wasn't as thrilled as I thought I would be about this issue, but I guess I'm happy Havok and Polaris are finally showing up again.