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X-23 #12 - Touching Darkness , Part 3 Review


X-23 continues her journey of self discovery. As one door closes and another quickly opens, X-23 is beginning to realize that the answers she is search for won't come easy!

If you read any of X-23's series then you are already aware that she is one very lost confused little girl. Liu continues to weave her web with this issue of X-23 which, surprisingly, is more uplifting than many of it's predecessors.

The Good

X-23 has been on a journey to find out who she is and as a result, she has also been gradually coming to terms with the fact that she is a lot more than just someone's science project. I particularly enjoyed this issue not only because of the appearance of Jubilee, but the dynamic of Jubilee as X-23's sort of older sister figure. She's very compassionate toward X-23, taking her under her wing, and it's nice to see two of Logan's protegee's become so close. This also makes a lot of sense as far as the dynamics of the characters are concerned. Jubilee just got through coming to terms with the fact that she is not only a mutant, but that se's also a vampire and that this is an entirely new identity. I feel like this is an opportunity to delve into Jubilee's character as well, and that by acting as X-23's guide, she could eventually find herself by giving back.

Liu is writing a great story, and its one I think a lot of people would enjoy reading. It's nice to be led along to discover the character as she discovers herself. This issue also has everything you would want; interesting character interactions and dialogue, humor and plenty of action. It simultaneously closes one chapter whilst opening a new one.

The Bad

There is so much about this issue that I love, but there were definitely some scenes (particularly the ones between Logan and Remy) where I shook my head. I just can't see Gambit wanting to head to a bar to start some fights. Grabbing some drinks, sure. Trying to pick up the ladies, absolutely. But heading to a bar with the intention of starting a ruckus? I'll admit I laughed, though.

The Verdict

I really like this series because I feel Marjorie is putting a lot of effort into X-23's journey, and that's the type of story I like to read. Character development is why I read comic books, so I can admit I really enjoyed this (even if I felt some of the lines were a bit out of character). The story is interesting and I particularly enjoyed the end. There's a little bit of everything in this issue: action, humor and even a little bit of enlightenment. A great issue to pick up if you haven't been reading but want to start.

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Posted by Eyz

Love X-23!
Great book so far~

Posted by Nuec_Sol

I get what mean about Remy sounding out of character, but thought he was joking with Logan. Besides Logan would make a terrible wingman. Some bros are good for picking up chicks with, some for getting drunk and talking about philosophical stuff, and some are good to get drunk with and make asses out of yourselves. I'd think Logan would would be the later.

Posted by B'Town

I've been enjoying this series, I like the character development also. It has been interesting to watch Laura grow as an individual, she's been blossoming from a damaged abused child to a young woman with enormous potential. And I thank Liu for bringing Jubilee in as a new friend, someone Laura can count on.

Thank you for the review, Sara.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

I loved the two page spread they did.  No panels, nor speech balloons.  Just two pages of awesome art.