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Worlds' Finest #1 - Rebirth Review


Will Power Girl and The Huntress come to terms with being stranded on Earth Prime?

The good

If you followed Paul Levitz's THE HUNTRESS mini-series like I did, then you probably wondered which version of The Huntress was the star of that series. Was it Helena Wayne or Helena Bertinelli? When it was announced that DC would be launching a "Second Wave" of books focusing on the Earth 2 characters and concepts, most of us assumed that the Huntress in Levitz' book was Helena Wayne -- and we were right. Within the first page of this book Levitz confirms what we already assumed. Helena Wayne had been posing as Helena Bertinelli and using her old passport and identity, thus making Bertinelli's character virtually moot. This wasn't the only big reveal in this issue, however.

If you are planning on picking up this issue and diving into the Earth 2 books, I recommend reading James Robinson's EARTH 2 before you get into this issue. EARTH 2 sets the stage for the story you will be reading here and introduces both Helena Wayne and Karen Starr, the two stars of this series. After a war that left many of Earth 2's heroes dead, Helena Wayne and Karen Starr become displaced and land on Earth Prime. They have no idea where they are and are mourning the loss of their loved ones as well as their feelings of being displaced on a new world that is both similar yet very different from the world they knew. It's an interesting story, and Levitz does a great job writing these two characters' interactions. They lean on one another for support and it feels as if they are close friends, which is nice.

Although a lot has changed, some things remain the same. Karen Starr still owns Starr labs and has recently acquired new technology that may aid in transporting the two girls back to their home: Earth 2. It's an interesting story that Perez is weaving, and he depicts a really fun and entertaining interaction between these two girls. I really enjoyed reading this issue -- it's a lot of fun.

I think one of the things I really found compelling in this issue was Helena's resilience. After losing her father, falling into a worm hole that landed her and Karen Starr on Earth Prime; she still managed to pull Starr out of the water. She still struggled to survive so that she wouldn't "lose her (Karen Starr) too." It's a great moment that really reflects Wayne's character.

I'm not a huge George Perez fan, and although I did like his pencils in this issue, I wasn't crazy about it.

The Bad

I totally understand that comics are supposed to be "unbelievable" but leaving a "black card" on a restaurant table because Karen Starr already "has so many" is just really, really silly. And I still really can't get over how much I am not into Power Girl's new costume. I think she looks ridiculous.

The Verdict

Now, I've never been a huge Helena Bertinelli fan, but I could totally see how by having Helena Wayne pose as Helena Bertinelli could be seen as a slap in the face to Bertinelli fans everywhere. Yeah, we realize that this character appeared in over 580 comic book issues, but we're going to do away with her character anyway. I understand the argument that you don't need both Huntresses and having two characters who are so similar can be confusing, but I kind of liked Bertinelli and her back story, so I am a little bit sad to see her go.

Posted by The Stegman
I noticed all the Second Wave titles this week got four stars! Nice.
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As a whole, I was actually disappointed by World's Finest. The story is alright so far, I mean it does its job as a first issue in setting the stage. However, the art... I'm not a fan. At least, not the "Present Day" art. I don't like the way PG is drawn, specifically her face (which looks a bit mannish), and her hair, once she put her costume on (don't get me started on the costume). Also, the once fuller, more voluptuous body she had pre-reboot is gone (at least in 90% of the panels... in a couple panels, she's given some nice curves, but it's all too brief). She pretty much just looks like a Supergirl copy now... *sigh* The "Past" artwork is better, but still not the greatest.

I'll give it a couple more issues, but if the story doesn't blow me away and the art doesn't pick up (at least for PG... everything else looks alright, but it's like they can't get her drawn correctly. Weird), then I'll sadly be dropping it. Which is a shame, because I really want to like this. I was so excited for PG to be back, but... I haven't seen anything special after one issue. Hopefully it gets better.

Posted by jointron33

So flush away who many people see as the Huntress? I'm not buying this

Posted by movieartman

@Ravager4: exactly! the panels where her dress had gotten shredded i think they did her real original body justice and the panel where she calls huntress a prude i think she looked plenty womanly, but over all i agree with you, the artist who did the alternate cover (while not very good art) made her look very womanly

Posted by KainScion

@The Stegman: you mean BOTH of them?!?! holly chim chiminy charoo batman!

Posted by htb106

Did you say Earth-Prime? I thought this was set on Earth 1.

oh well, I haven't read this issue yet so I'll need to pick it up soon.

Posted by notarandomguy

@htb106 said:

Did you say Earth-Prime? I thought this was set on Earth 1.

oh well, I haven't read this issue yet so I'll need to pick it up soon.

Earth 1, Earth 0, Earth Prime they really aren't at the same page here, it is Earth 0 which is where the main continuity is ass it was before Earth 0 is well known as New Earth

Posted by DarthShap

Lousy way to kill New Earth Huntress.

The relationship between the two was very cool though.

Posted by longbowhunter

I liked Earth 2 so much I kinda wanna pick this up. Plus I'm a BIG Kevin McGuire fan. I see alot of people are upset over the loss of Helena Bertinelli. But its always bothered me there being a Helena Wayne and a Helena Bertinelli. I know it sucks to erase her mob family background and forget her long tenure in Birds of Prey. Now that they're one in the same its seems like a have your cake and eat it too situation.

Posted by jointron33

@longbowhunter: um no.....Helena Bertinelli is dead. Read this crappy issue and see what I'm talking about.

Posted by Rise2Ragnarok

I'm a HUGE Power Girl fan, and to me this issue was good, but not great. I am on Sara's side that I dislike the new costume, and I'm not really a George Perez fan either. Another issue I had was how adamant PG was at wanting to get back home to earth 2, she mentions it too many times in the issue. Its fine for the first issue but I really hope it's not constantly brought up and dwelled on all the time.

Posted by War Killer

I like the idea and concept of both Huntress and Power Girl, the idea of them being from one universe thrown into another is a great and interesting story and something that makes you wonder what's going to happen when they finally do return to their world.
I personally like Power Girl's new costume, though the "P" could be slightly altered, everything else about the costume I really like.

Posted by longbowhunter

@jointron33: I just knew as I was typing that last comment a can of worms had been open.

Posted by hyperman

The plot seems to be rather interesting, though I would have liked to see any other character starring this story. Why? Because I think that The Helena Bertinelly's background was quite good and way too more interesting than Helena Wayne's. At least , they should've tried to combine both stories. For instance: Helena Bertinelly was an orphan and Bruce wayne took her in and trained her after her whole family was killed by the maphia.

And Power Girl?? Well, I'm actually very fond of her Atlantean origin. I think this character has gone through many origins that this one only makes her more confusing. XD

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There have been four Second Wave titles this week.

I read this and while it was okay. Their was nothing in the issue that convinced me it was worth the price, especially considering the fact that i've already added the three other new titles to my list. 'Fraid this is a drop for me.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Aw, I liked Power Girl's earlier costume design for this series. Whatever.

Posted by RedVelvet

Yay! Power Girl is BACK! That alone makes this awesome. I can overlook the costume and the altered history.... It's Her! And she's BACK!

Posted by CODYSF

PG new costume sucks

Posted by The Stegman

@The Stegman : you mean BOTH of them?!?! holly chim chiminy charoo batman! 

No..I meant all four of them...
Posted by Joe_Amazing

I'm just not able to get past that horrible PG costume. What's with all the high-collar costumes for the New 52 heroes?! I don't understand it!

Posted by Eyz

So this is shaping up pretty nicely!

Posted by BatWatch

I'm definitely disappointed to see Bertinelli apparently written out of continuity. In fact, the longer the DCNU goes on, the more unhappy I become. I'm beginning to think that this is an entirely new age with no real connection to the past one.

Modern Age of DC = Crisis on Infinite Earths - Flashpoint

R.I.P. My Friend

Posted by Dernman

@PsychoKnights: I think they are not so much saying Bertinelli was being written out so much as what we knew was really Helena Wayne assumed identity.

Although I like that DC is cutting a lot of ties with the past this isn't one of them.

Posted by Surkit

hopefully she'll get that hot cutout in her costume again, not really getting why she needs a big P on her chest...and the scheme barely matches the superman and supergirl costumes, even if their alternate worlds. it was a good read, but PG seems way too soft here, while before the retcon she was a hard ass and funny to boot

Posted by Dernman

@Joe_Amazing said:

I'm just not able to get past that horrible PG costume. What's with all the high-collar costumes for the New 52 heroes?! I don't understand it!

It's because showing neck skin is the new scandalous taboo. :p

Posted by zackattack529

you see people! this is what happens when you sesnsitve GEEKS and fangirls complain about costumes and the SEX APPEAL in look what happened to power girl!..or black canary!...thanks alot people. x/ lol

Posted by Press Oblivion

@Babs said:

And I still really can't get over how much I am not into Power Girl's new costume. I think she looks ridiculous.

Wow, this is a far cry from the days when the mere mention of Power Girl made you gag . . . .and I believe that it had a lot to do with her costume then too. LOL

And Helena Wayne hasn't murdered Bertinelli's character, just transformed for a new era, just as Bertinelli was once Helena Wayne in the 80's transition.

The only thing I want to see is these characters in the Earth 2 setting. That's where they want to go and I think that's where they should be.

Posted by DarthShap

@Press Oblivion said:

And Helena Wayne hasn't murdered Bertinelli's character, just transformed for a new era, just as Bertinelli was once Helena Wayne in the 80's transition.

Except it is nothing alike. After Crisis, Helena Wayne disappeared but so did her entire reality. Post-Flashpoint, New Earth is still there, the BoP are still there. DC could have kept Bertinelli.

Also, "transformed for a new era" is just communication used by DC to reboot stuff but as such, it does not mean much, especially if all DC does is bring back a previous version of the character. ^^

Posted by Owie

It was better than I thought, but I had pretty low expectations. The art was average at best, and like many others, I am not a fan of the Power Girl costume. It doesn't have to be sexed up, just better!

As a Conner/Gray/Palmiotti PG fan, it's hard not to wish that if they were going to have a series about PG and her best friend, that they could have just brought back Terra. Alas.

Posted by GrandHarrier

Really enjoyed this issue. I don't have the attachment to Bertinelli, so I can't know fans feelings on that, but I do think the fact that they are acknowledging it, and connecting them, means its still the "same" character, continuity wise, so why not embrace it?

Anyways, really loved the dynamic between Huntress and Powergirl, especially during the lab incident. They felt like friends with backstory. And PG's reaction to the "bad news" was effectively done, she really felt devastated.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

I must concur with these Power Girl comments, and say that I'm glad to see her again, but that new costume is atrocious. I'm going to have to preview this at the local shop before I will consider purchasing.

Posted by JSAVen

So PG never was PG in Earth 2.....

She was Supergirl.... DC destroyed her real Origin

really sad.

Posted by jrock85

Only one issue in, and I already can't bear to pick this up anymore.

Everytime I look at that damn costume PG is wearing, it feels like a razor blade is going across my eyeballs.

And if Helena B is dead, then so are you to me, Levitz!

Posted by tomtomiii

I really liked this issue. Yes, it's a #1 so there is some plot development .... But overall very enjoyable. I love George Perez, but ... I agree that Powergirl's costume is lame. I'm ok changing the costume, but I don't like the "P" emblem. Hopefully they will find their way home soon, and Kara can go back to her Supergirl outfit.

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im not even gonna talk about huntress

im so confused but how many supergirls/powergirls are they?

isnt powergirl from earth 2 already?

Edited by Whitedog

Read this today a bit late...

I loved it. I was worried about the art and things because it's not usually the style I like but I think this is going to develop very well...

It was almost a tease, I won't be surprised if it becomes a great title.