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Wolverine & the X-Men #23 - The Last Frankenstein Review


The Jean Grey School finally leaves the deadly circus in the latest issue.

The Good

Up until this point I really haven't found the Hellfire Club characters very interesting, but I think it was nice to finally get a little bit of backstory on one of its characters. Although I don't see this particular character as any more threatening of an adversary to the young X-Men, I do think it was good to see Aaron provide a little bit of backstory to show us some of the character's motivations.

The whole circus story fell a little bit flat to me but I think the way this issue ended gave this arc a solid conclusion. It introduced some new characters, fleshed out a bit more of the story, and introduced us to some old characters that long-time X-Men fans will recognize.

One of the biggest things to come out of this issue is a a hint at the beginning stages of a change to Idie's character. I think that was definitely one thing that took me by surprise, and as a fan, really got me interested in seeing how Aaron plans to develop her character.

Once again, Nick Bradshaw really delivers some lovely pencils. This issue is one of the more detailed of the bunch and I love the fact that he spends just as much time illustrating these characters and bringing them to life as he does illustrating the backgrounds in this issue.

The Bad

Sadly, I think the focus of this title will continue to be on the young Hellfire Club and their adventures and I am just not a big fan of these characters. In my opinion, I don't perceive them as a real threat -- at least not thus far. One of my biggest problems with this issue is the fact that there were some things that are still unclear. Why were these characters at the circus to begin with? What was the purpose for all of this? I understand that it is very possible that we will get answers to these questions in later issues, but at this point it is somewhat unclear to me as to the reason why we had these last few issues.

The Verdict

Overall, this was one of the better issues in this series lately, but it still doesn't feel like it did when this series first started. When Storm first joined this series I was really excited to see where Jason Aaron planned on taking her character, and I still am. However, there are still aspects of this series that I find rather uninteresting. I still don't like this new Hellfire Club, even though their appearance in this issue was better than most. I also don't find the new addition of Shark-Girl to be that interesting, but I am hoping she will grow on me. I am glad, however, that Aaron concluded this circus story because it was beginning to feel a bit drawn out. Overall, comparing this issue to the early issues in this series, it was average, but the issue does have its redeeming qualities. Aaron does develop one of his characters further, and also introduces a familiar face towards the end that will likely make things more interesting. Bradshaw's art is, once again, really fantastic and a joy to see.

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Posted by quatro_briefs


Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I'm not liking this story arc that much

Posted by GothamRed

They explained last issue why the X-Men were at the circus. All adults in the area were drawn to the circus, the X-Men are adults so they were drawn there. The they decided to use them to increase the amount of people coming beyond that by making them attractions. The circus was meant to draw out the last Frankenstein to end the Frankenstein legacy. It seemed pretty clear.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

Glad this arc is over. I didn't find it entertaining. Also, I'm tired of the Hellfire kids. They're terrible and are a big reason why this book is going downhill for me.

Posted by jemckinn214

This story arc may not have been my favorite, but I found it certainly entertaining and think it is atleast better than the AvX tie in issues. The last page reveal was a nice add, definitely adds things to look forward to. And man, Bradshaw is a machine. I love his additions of Doop to the pages, really turns the whole issue around.

Posted by benblanks

Man, I tend to defend a lot of comics when people say "this sucked" but I almost feel like being one of those trolls, NOT that this was that bad, but in comparison to what this series used to be (one of the best, most entertaining titles Marvel has had lately) this story arc really fell short of the high standard Aaron had set. Which is FINE! It's totally understandable, I mean they can't all be 5-star totally perfect winners. That would be asking for the impossible, not every story is going to cater to everyone, I know there might be people out there who loved this arc, maybe more than the rest of the series, it just wasn't for me, plus Aaron is spreading himself out on more titles now so he probably didn't have as much time as he used to in order to give this one his A-game. You know what, I may also be biased because I just plain don't like clowns or the circus in any given situation, so I'm just glad it's over and hope I can get back to acknowledging this as one of my favorite Marvel titles being put out right now.

Posted by TheCrowbar

You forgot to add: Lack of Warren Worthington as part of the bad section


Posted by mattydeNero

I have enjoyed this series for being what it is. It feels almost like an "Elseworlds" or non-616 type of book. The Frankenstein stuff felt very Morrison-New X-Men-ish. I'm looking forward to see if Aaron is about to start dealing out some longterm issues for some of these characters. If I have a complaint, it's that there's not been enough of the school aspect recently, and no Kid Gladiator.

Posted by chocobojam

This series has become too childish for me. The concept of a mutant school with wolverine as a headmaster is ok with me but they should start telling a more serious story.

Posted by XsPectre28

@quatro_briefs said:



Posted by Scantenii

I didn't really dig this arc...I am glad it's over...