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Wolverine #310 - Out of the Darkness Review


It's the return of Sabretooth. Yes he's been around for a bit already but this is where the story explains what's going on.

Wolverine killed Sabretooth. He saw him in Hell. Now Sabretooth is back. This is where we find out how.

The Good

There's something about Simone Bianchi drawing Wolverine. He manages to create such a vibe in the stories he draws. We've seen Wolverine drawn by so many different artists over the years in his numerous appearances. It's fitting to have him back with Jeph Loeb to continue the story they started back in 2007. While I may not be completely thrilled with the "return" of Sabretooth, I'm glad that Bianchi is the one to draw it.

Of course there will be many that are opposed to Jeph Loeb bringing back Wolverine's greatest nemesis. Wolverine does have a lot of enemies but he doesn't have a lot of really great ones. We all frown upon comic book deaths because they are reverted almost every time. Without getting into that, there really isn't much of a need in killing off a great character. Wolverine needs Sabretooth because he's such a vile character and has so much history with Logan.

Once Wolverine becomes aware of Sabretooth's possible return, we see where he put the remains. Too often dead characters simply disappear. It makes sense that the first thing he'd do is check if the body is still where he left it.

Not only do we have the return of Sabretooth, there is also the return of another major pain-in-the-ass for Wolverine. Loeb isn't going to make it easy for him.

The Bad

There isn't much of an explanation, at least not yet, in this issue. What we see is a perfectly logical excuse and way for Sabretooth to make his return. The problem is, it's something that has been used before, specifically with Mister Sinister. Wolverine comments that there was something about Sabretooth's smell when he killed him. Yet, he apparently never looked into it further.

The issue opens with Wolverine using his claws to climb a structure. This is something we've seen before and it always bothers me. He's a heavy guy. He's close to 300 lbs. with the Adamantium on his bones. I always find it hard to believe that his claws could be used to climb in that way. His claws are too long and he's too heavy to have that much weight on a single pressure point. But there's a lot in comics that is often hard to believe. Also, how come he couldn't get another teleporter to get him where he needed to go?

If Sabretooth is back and the reason is is what it appears to be, how did Wolverine see him in Hell?

The Verdict

I'm really torn with this story. I'm not a fan of the death of characters only to see them return later. At least with Sabretooth, it's technically been close to five years (if you don't count his appearance in the Wolverine Goes to Hell arc). Wolverine needs Sabretooth as one of his villains. He's too evil of a character and thorn in his side to be killed off. The explanation as to how he died and is now returning isn't fully explained just yet. What we do see raises some questions, at least for me. The inclusion of Simone Bianchi's art gives the story the atmosphere needed to make this feel like it's going to be a big and gritty story. We also see the return of another deadly villain that gives this title the darker tone you would expect in a Wolverine comic. WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN is a great read and I absolutely love it but there are times we need less fun and more doom and gloom in a Wolverine story.

Note: WOLVERINE #309 is on sale in two weeks on July 18.

Posted by KainScion

the reveal sucked.

Posted by Master_Thief

is it romulus

Posted by KainScion

@Master_Thief: he is involved. not shown how he is connected to sabes.

Posted by Cavemold

I loved the art but romulus guy was meh. The ending was decent

Posted by k4tzm4n


If Sabretooth is back and the reason is is what it appears to be, how did Wolverine see him in Hell?

I guess clones have souls, too. Yeesh, that's bad news for X-23.

Staff Online
Posted by blindisaac

Why did 310 come out before 309?

Posted by JamDamage

I enjoyed this issue. I figured that he'd return and I'm pysched as to learn how. I loved the Loeb run on Wolverine. That's the problem with Loeb. When he writes good, he writes great, when he writes bad, you want to burn down his house with him inside it. He was awful on Ultimatum, but wrote 3 classic in Batmans Hush, Long Holloween, and Dark.............I forgot the title. I'm glad the other guy returned too. I didn't like how much of a sissy he was here and that Wolverine was able to beat his ass as easily as he did.

Romulus is pretty damn smart, but why would they depict Sabretooth as being afraid of him if he wasn't the badass he's supposed to be. I figured that when Sabretooth got killed that Romulus was going to be the guy to replace him in being more deadly then him.
Posted by MagmaGazer

Hatin' the art.

Posted by LordRequiem

That is a stunning cover!

Posted by RedQueen

@LordRequiem said:

That is a stunning cover!

Absolutely. And the skull variant.

Posted by edge0076

Romulus needs to go away and never be heard from ever again.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Evolution was brilliant and I think this story just needs a bit of time. I'm torn over Bianchi art overall as there are characters I think he does well and characters I'd like him to leave but Wolverine is defiantly one he draws brilliantly. Am going to continue reading and hope it comes out good. Like how they brought Romulus back (good villain). Just hope they dont bring every dead or missing villain back so soon as there have already been 3 for Wolverine although I hope they bring Daken back at some point

Posted by Queso6p4

Definitely agree with your review, G-Man.

@edge0076: Couldn't agree more. Your comment made me laugh out loud.

@RedQueen: Yeah, I wanted the variant but it's too pricey.