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Wolverine #2 - Rogue Logan Part 2 of 4: Bad Advice Review


Wolverine has gone through some big changes. We get to find out more on how he joined his new group.

The Good

Change can be good and we're now seeing Wolverine in a new situation. It's hard to say for certain what is going on but it appears Wolverine has given up some of his old ways in order to meet his goal. Appearances can sometimes be deceiving and that's part of the fun in this series.

Last issue, Paul Cornell threw us into the mix as Wolverine was shown hanging out with a new team of mercenaries. The idea of Wolverine doing whatever it takes for this group felt odd yet exciting at the same time. No longer having a healing factor, we're seeing Wolverine needing to be a little more cautious. While trying to get some answers from the SUPERIOR Spider-Man, Wolverine has to operate a little differently than what he's used to. The conversation between Wolverine and SpOck is interesting and you can really see some of the parallels between these completely different characters. Cornell is laying down the groundwork for a new chapter in Wolverine's life and it's refreshing to be able to read a series with him and not be completely sure what's going to happen next.

Ryan Stegman's art is missed on SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN but almost as a treat, we get to see SpOck and Wolverine together. Stegman draws Wolverine like a beast and it really fits his new disheveled situation. We get a nice mix of action and conversation, both of which look great.

The Bad

There is still a bit of the unknown with Wolverine's new situation. We're finding out more about why he's joined up with this new group. We still don't know a lot about his new teammates and it's hard to fully accept whatever his plans are.

The guest appearance by SpOck was fun and did provide some insight into Wolverine's new situation but also felt a little forced, at the same time. It's hard to accept seeing Wolverine a little skittish during a fight. He may have lost his healing factor but he still has his skills that didn't fully rely on being able to heal.

The Verdict

Paul Cornell is delivering a different sort of Wolverine story. We've seen so many over the years and seeing the details unfold over his new alignment is fascinating. It's still a little difficult to accept Logan in this new status quo but that's part of what makes this new series different from past ones. Ryan Stegman's art is a joy to see. He captures the gritty nature of Wolverine's world perfectly and getting to see SUPERIOR Spider-Man felt like a treat. There's no telling where this series will take Wolverine next and that's what makes it so interesting.

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Posted by dondave

I disagree with it being out of character for Wolverine under Cornell's pen to be afraid of a gun, it is after all the same Wolverine who was scared to shave.

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

Cornellverine strikes again.

There's gotta be a payoff. Somewhere. Somehow. Sometime. Right?

Edited by GrenadeFlow

Stegman's Wolverine looks like a creep

Edited by Wolverine08

Cornellverine strikes again.

There's gotta be a payoff. Somewhere. Somehow. Sometime. Right?

Keep dreaming hard enough, and maybe something will happen. *Shrugs*

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

Stegman's Wolverine looks like a creep

Sadly, that's how Cornell writes him.

@super_soldierxii said:

Cornellverine strikes again.

There's gotta be a payoff. Somewhere. Somehow. Sometime. Right?

Keep dreaming hard enough, and maybe something will happen. *Shrugs*

Meh. Ain't holding my breath that's for sure. We'll see in a year or so ... then I'll start the serious griping.

Posted by Wolverine08

@super_soldierxii: But hey, you were trying to be all positive for a change when the first issue of the relaunch came out! Wolverine would want you to be positive for him. The creep Wolverine we're getting is new and inventive! :D

Posted by cerial442

I didn't like the ending of the first issue, with what happened to an innocent reporter. This issue was filler and did nothing to advance the story IMO. I was on board for the first issue until the end. Thinking of dropping this.

Posted by KidChipotle

I love the art, Stegman on Wolverine is a must keep.

Also, call me crazy but…I have been loving this book. I'm not sure why but seeing a not hypocrite teacher Wolverine in this title is awesome. But it's extremely weird timing too if you've read this issue + this weeks WatXM because it's just two opposite spectrums of the same character.

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

The rationale behind Wolverine shooting an innocent man in the head, who had come to actually help him, is the very definition of "weak sauce". Logan cow towing to the craptastic character named "The Offer" is laughable (I just oh so wanted to please you and thank you and pull my weight sir!).

Going to Spider-Man for help in "tracking" (yes, Wolverine needs Parker's help to "track") down his old nemesis Sabretooth is a strained and flimsy way to throw in a volume selling cameo for no apparent reason. And how Wolverine, or anyone really, cannot realize the person talking, the mannerisms, the "everything" is just not Peter Parker is beyond.

Finally, Wolverine seeking out advice from Parker is a complete 180 from the core of their relationship over the years, and I'd be cool with that, if the method in which it takes place didn't rob the character of the core that makes Logan who he is.

Commence rant:

Long gone is the enigmatic loner of few words, the mysterious killer with a stringent code of honor and a heart of gold; with a breadth and depth of experience that naturally saw others gravitate toward him over the years for advice, strength and more often than not, the hard truth. The one a young Kitty Pride and Jubilee felt safest around despite (and perhaps a bit because of) the violence his life and ethos all too often evoked. They knew that as bad as things could get, Wolverine had seen worse and had risen above. He could get the job done. Gone is the warrior many of the younger X-Men had looked up to like a father figure and mentor and came to when they needed a pillar despite his intimidating demeanor.

Y'see Cornell, that's the type of character history you smudge out when you prostitute the core of what has endeared a character from the onset to its fan base over the decades to a cheap brand of "originality" or "new direction". So many other characters doing the remorseless killing machine thing these days ... that's not what made Wolverine a household antihero over the years.

There was still so much untapped potential with the core of what made the character work.

Too bad. One long time fan lost (for now).