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Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #1 - The Bitter March, Part 1 Review


Let's take a look back at what the Winter Soldier was doing when he wasn't such a nice guy.

The Good

There's no denying the amazing job Ed Brubaker did in bringing back Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier during his Captain America run. We've seen heroes gone bad and return to the side of the angels before but with Winter Soldier, there's a complete history we're unaware of. There's been hints and mentions of some of the activities he participated in during his 'brainwashed' period but we haven't really had a chance to see them. Until now.

Rick Remender is taking us back to 1966. That means we also get to see Nick Fury (senior) who hasn't really been seen too much lately. The trick here is the fact that this is the bad Winter Soldier.

There's a really cool vibe going on here. We don't often see S.H.I.E.L.D. in action on these sort of spy missions and it's a blast to get a look at some possibly top secret missions. Who doesn't like secret undercover missions set in Marvel's past? The Marvel Universe isn't just about superheroes and it's refreshing to see areas and periods like this fleshed out.

I really dig Roland Boschi arts and Chris Chuckry's colors. It's a mix of vibrant but muted colors (if that makes sense). It really captures the spy-feeling of the 60s without being too bright with a pure superhero-feel.

The Bad

It may just be because it's the first issue but the focus isn't completely on Winter Soldier. Given his frame of mind at this time, it could be difficult to simply follow him since he isn't exactly the most talkative person in this state.

Even if the focus remains on Ran Shen, it'll make an interesting series but with "Winter Soldier" being in the title, if feels like we should get more of him. Maybe I need to be more patient?

The Verdict

This particular issue may not be completely focused on Winter Soldier (just yet) but we do get the opportunity to see Nick Fury and Agent Ran Shen (who is playing a big role in the current CAPTAIN AMERICA series) back in the 1960s Marvel Universe. It's great and sneaky the way Rick Remender is tying this and CAPTAIN AMERICA together while showing us another page in Bucky's history. Roland Boschi and Chris Chuckry's art and colors fits the vibe of the book nicely. If you're a fan of the Winter Soldier or good old fashion spy stories, you're going to want to check this out.

Posted by mtrakos

Can't wait

Posted by War Killer

I'm glad that Winter Soldier actually appeared in this issue, I was worried that he wouldn't appear until the next issue. I know it's only the first issue but I'm still afraid that Remender might end up making this more about Shen instead of Winter Soldier. It'll be interesting how this mini-series goes down, this mini-series might have Winter Soldier in the title but Bucky is very much the villain of this story, with Ran Shen as the hotshot hero S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

But the cool thing about this story, at least as far as I can tell, is that this mini-series could go either. Even though we know that some of these character make it out of this story, it's still up in the air on whether Ran Shen will successfully complete his mission or will Winter Soldier complete his.

The biggest question about this series though is how it will affect the Captain America series set in the present day.

Posted by Cap10nate

I liked the issue. It was a good introductory issue. I wish this would go longer than just four issues.

Posted by vandinejd_1991

@g_man: I just read the issue and I just have to say your review of it is spot-on. I have to ask you though do you think the mask that the Winter Soldier wears in this issue is solely for the purpose of protecting his face from the cold? Do you think that's why he's wearing the mask at first in the movie and then uncovers it later?

Posted by Aeron_Glyndwr

I don't trust Remender with this at all

Posted by MaxLevelGeek

This was a bit light on Winter Soldier himself, but this issue was just all sorts of goodness for me to care!

In fact, this is shaping up to be our comic of the week at

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Posted by J_HickmanIsGod

Remender can never do wrong.

even though i am not reading any of his newer series on Marvel, i will definitely be checking this out!

also who else is stoked for his Image comic: LOW coming in the summer! my most looked forward to title right now

Posted by amaltheias

Loved the artwork, wasn't a big fan of the writing. We'll see where this goes, I guess. I just really hope Remender doesn't make this all about Shen - it's the Winter Soldier's book, after all, and a lot of people have been looking forward to it for that very reason.

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The biggest question about this series though is how it will affect the Captain America series set in the present day.

Well Ran Shen is the main villain in the current Captain America story.

Posted by War Killer

@powerplug: I know, which is why it will be interesting to see how this mini-series ends and how it ties into the present day events in Captain America.

Posted by jackbensley777

@g_man this series is going to focus on Ran and its going to be very 60s inspired, i read that alot of james bond inspiration went into this. its going to be alot of tracking down the winter soldier bc hes suppose to be like a ghost or myth, its going to set the right vibe for the captain america movie. I though this comic was great i love james bond specificall sean connerys bond. I just dont know who ran shen is