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Winter Soldier #6 - Broken Arrow: Prologue Review


Bucky's mission to locate the three sleeper agent he helped train isn't over. The missing one is bound to become a major thorn in his side. Brubaker begins the second arc with a dark beginning.

Undercover again, Bucky is able to show us everything he's capable of. In other words, we get to see how much ass he can kick month after month.

The Good

I was a tiny bit concerned over Butch Guice not handling the art duties here but recalling Michael Lark's style and the fact that Bettie Breitweiser was still doing the colors was enough to quell any concerns I had.

From the very beginning, Bettie's colors immediately set the tone for the story we get. Lark's art captures the essence of what Brubaker wants to convey in his script. I was also concerned that there were only three sleeper agents and that Bucky had already dealt with two of them. This final one might prove to be something a little different. With that, we get a flashback and again, the colors do a brilliant job of separating the past from the present.

The way Brubaker sets the story up is almsot with a subtle creepiness. Bucky doesn't have the most pleasant life right now. He feels an obligation in putting an end to this problem and that atmosphere oozes from the pages. You can almost feel it creeping into your pores as you touch each page in order to move on to the next.

There's also something about the scenes with Bucky and Black Widow. Brubaker doesn't have to fully describe what is going on between the two of them but you can easily just feel the bond they have.

With all that being said, there isn't a whole lot of immediate action taking place. We need to find out more of what happened before and we don't have any giant gorillas with machine guns or Doombots to crank up the action. But none of that is needed at all. I could easily find myself reading and enjoying an extended version of this issue with more of the same.

And of course we get a brutal ending that is really only the beginning of this arc.

The Bad

I still feel Bucky is being too careless with his 'secret identity.' He may not really have one but the fact that the world is supposed to believe he is dead is a good reason to try to prevent others from finding out. We've already seen others, including Doctor Doom discover that he's still alive. But of course, we can assume that this is all part of Brubaker's plan.

The Verdict

The more Brubaker-written issues I read of Bucky, the more I love the character. I could not imagine anyone else attempting to write this story right now. Brubaker's stories always feel like they've been brewing for months, if not years. It was way back in CAPTAIN AMERICA #619 where the seeds of this story were first planted. What makes it all even better is Brubaker manages to get a great creative team to help him tell the story. Michael Lark was the perfect choice and I can never say enough nice things about how much I enjoy Bettie Breitweiser's colors. It's no surprise that WINTER SOLDIER continues to be one of my favorite titles month after month. Brubaker has me hooked and I can never get enough.

Posted by RainEffect

Bucky and Widow <333

I ship that so hard.

Posted by Cap10nate

I love this book. I am pumped that it is coming out twice this month. There has been a such a cliffhanger after each issue so far that it makes it hard to wait. This will all make an amazing TPB/Omnibus when it is all said and done.

Posted by ThexX

This is the best book out right now from Marvel. The only other title to come close is Uncanny X-Force.

Posted by Danial79

Is there a story-related reason for the Spider-Man variant cover? Seems a bit random to me.

Posted by sparty-dbq

@Danial79: 50th Anniversary variant. Every series has one this month.

Posted by mtrakos

Its like Bourne Series with Bucky. Best thing marvel has to offer. Knuck if you buck.

Posted by longbowhunter

Best issue of this series yet. I much prefer Lark over Guice any day. Gotham Central and Daredevil made me a life long Michael Lark fan. The colors on the flashback sequences were brilliant. Props to Bettie Bretweiser. This third sleeper Leo looks to be a real monster. Great start to this second arc.

Posted by WinterSoIdier

Your review is spot-on G-Man.

Posted by primepower53

I love this book.

Posted by Cap10nate

After what happened in this issue, I hope they show Bucky talking to Cap in the next issue or at least have Cap mention Fred in his series. He was important to Steve as well as Bucky.