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What If? AVX #2 - Part 2 of 4 Review


In What If? stories, the slightest change can make the biggest difference. This issue shows that it's all going to take a drastic turn.

The Good

With some immediate dire results in the early stages of the battle, you get an immediate sense of what is truly at stake. In the original story, there was the feeling of a grand story but it never really felt like there were huge possible circumstances to worry about until the end. Jimmy Palmiotti hit the ground running in the first issue. We're seeing casualties already and that gives a more meaningful feeling to the story. At the same time, we also see some more concrete voice of reasoning as some characters realize how serious the situation is.

There were some comments over the feeling that the original story took too long to tell. Palmiotti is fast-tracking it all in order to deliver the final results. There is simply a different feeling to this 'universe' as the characters are allowed to make different and more drastic decisions based on what's going on. In the regular comics, it almost feels as if they are held back by what they can and cannot do.

Often What If? stories just feel as if they are retellings with a slight change here or there. That isn't the case here. We're already seeing big changes and different characters in other locations that are causing the story to veer off from the original. By the time you get to the end, you will be surprised at what happens and have no idea what is coming up next.

The art really works here. We get some really nicely laid out scenes. One or two characters may sometimes look a tad different but with so many, it's great to see the detail put into everyone in each panel. The attack scenes and that last page are really something.

The Bad

The faster pace is good but it's almost happening too fast. This was originally a twelve-issue miniseries along with several tie-ins but now it's happening in four. It's hard not to associate the events here with the original story so it can become easy to start wondering why the other changes in the story are occurring so quickly.

As sometimes the case in WHAT IF? stories, the characters sometimes veer off in different directions due to the changes in the event. It does create a new feeling to the story but you also have to accept that this is not the proper Marvel Universe and could be considered 'desperate times' for the characters.

The Verdict

WHAT IF? stories can often be tricky to pull off. It's easy for them to feel as if it's simply an opportunity to tear apart the Marvel Universe and create extreme situations for the characters. Jimmy Palmiotti is giving us a well crafted story which thankfully is getting four issues rather than the usual one. Even in this format, you can feel the events speeding along as the action has already kicked in in big ways. One of the best things about this is not knowing how it will end. That may have been the case originally but with the freedom of the WHAT IF? format, anything can happen. With Jimmy in control, it's a fun ride seeing what he has cooking for all the characters involved.

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Posted by ripjim93

Loving that its four issues instead of one

Posted by Blue_Lantern_Franko

I feel like they are really trying to milk the AVX story for all its worth.

Edited by Trevel8182

If Sam Alexander get his head ripped off or set on fire can some one post it, I wanna make it my avatar!

Posted by Saren

Did Namor just beat Wolverine to death?

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@citizenbane: that's what i was wondering. he is in the next issue's cover. but hey marvel's been a dick to him majorly for a loooong time so no surprise.

Posted by kriminal

i got to the comic store 20 minutes after it opened and this was sold out. now gotta wait for next week

Posted by John Valentine

@kriminal said:

i got to the comic store 20 minutes after it opened and this was sold out. now gotta wait for next week

Not worth it.

Posted by UltimateJonathan

Did Namor just beat Wolverine to death?

Appears to be. Though Wolvie does appear on the cover of issue 3.

Posted by soduh2

I think I like this version of the story so far.

Posted by GonnaRain

I gotta admit that I honestly liked AvX as a whole, but this little What If? Isn't really giving me the emotion I used to feel when I was reading AvX, and the excitement for each next issue. This feels like Marvel is just killing everybody for the lulz, just because it isn't canon.

So yeah, if Namor really killed Wolverine it will put a smile to my face, but won't be enough for me to enjoy this mini series.

Edited by Emperormeister734

Glad to see Cap playing referee between Cyclops and Iron Man, i HOPE Thor isn't dead either

Posted by 8008S

There's no way I'm buying Logan being taken down like that.

On the other hand, the body count on this article is more extensive than I could get to see in the issue itself. (spoilers everywhere btw)

Posted by LoisLameSucks


I could say meh in so many different way for this... All I would say is that this is ridiculously pointless. Not worth money, time or effort. - in my humble opinion.

Posted by Jake Fury

4 issues? shame they couldn't trim down the real series too.

Posted by Torch_7

@trevel8182: His head gets crushed in the final issue. Don't read, thought, you're going to hate Wolverine-Jean more than ever.

Posted by DubyaNW

Apparently "What if" is an excuse to make the characters dumb as rocks. Is Wolverine a trained ninja or ins't he? "A master of virtually all forms of martial arts" to use the phrase from the marvel wiki. So a master of martial arts runs across a room to stab someone but cannot see another person jumping in front of them. Storm would have to be moving at light speed in order for this to be possible. And why is storm someone with zero superhuman strength jumping in front of Namor (a guy who's gone bare knuckles with the Hulk), to protect him from Wolverine. I really wish these writers would go die in a fire.