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Venom #25 - Monsters of Evil, Part 3 Review


It's time for Venom vs the Monsters of Evil.

The Good

Issue 24 concluded with Venom ready to face off with some rather goofy, enormous and abstract creatures. Dubbed the Monsters of Evil, Hellstrom happily sent his gang of foes at Flash and now we're treated to the action packed result. The fight sequence is fast paced and brutal as we see each demon attack in its own unique manner and Flash utilize the symbiote for some gruesome stabbing attacks. Artist Thony Silas does a disturbingly good job with two panels where Venom uses the symbiote to impale his enemies.

I've consistently said that one of the most appealing aspects about this anti-hero is his internal struggle and I was pleased to see some bleak (yet amusing) thoughts filling Flash's mind as he tries to topple his seemingly impossible physical obstacles. Not only is he facing an uphill struggle on the outside, but the poor guy can't even generate a single happy thought.

The premise behind this story is certainly an interesting one. There's a demon inside Venom -- but unlike most stories, it isn't the demon pulling the strings. You see, it can't control him. That's right -- the symbiote has control over the demon. This is a great twist on the typical possession story and writer Cullen Bunn provides a curious reason for the mark and it's absolutely something that will play a role in the title's future.

The final scene is a much appreciated addition to the issue. After all of the crazy supernatural events, it's nice to dive back into Flash's personal life and get a read on his situation with Betty. Oh, and the final phone call is sure to have symbiote/Scarlet Spider fans pumped. Bring on 'Minimum Carnage.'

The Bad

While I love the panel of Flash stabbing Gragoa, there's something that has me scratching my head. We know slashing damage takes a toll on the anti-hero (as seen consistently in the title against the likes of Kraven, Jack O'Lantern, etc), but here we have numerous huge teeth ripping through Venom. There's at least 4 giant teeth going through his back and out of his torso and chest. It's hard to believe he'd be flipping around shortly after, even with the captions remarking on his injuries -- which were just a broken nose, cracked ribs and a punctured spleen.

I also have no idea what's going on in the panel where Venom is fighting the Worm. Is he getting hit -- and if so, by what? I'm at a total loss there.


Minor complaints about the combat aside, this was definitely an improvement over the previous issue and a solid conclusion that manages to construct the groundwork for something much bigger and hopefully, more epic. But, if you're a new reader looking to jump on-board Venom, I'd say wait for the next issue.

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Posted by zackattack529

this was a good arc for Cullen Bunn to show us what he can do, and now we are in for minimum carnage! awesome! x)

Edited by Cavemold

Good review , i want to see where cullen can take venom off to a huge cross over with Scarlet Spider!

Posted by jsphsmth

I trade wait this comic. Was thinkning about jumping off now that Bunn is writing it. I have been unimpressed by his work on at Marvel so far, but this arc has gotten some good reviews.

Posted by WWAJfan

this issue was so much better than 24, really good, 4/5 for me

Posted by sparty-dbq

Alright arc, but the Monsters of Evil were downright lame. Looking forward to Minimum Carnage, though.